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gentleman jack Series 2 spoilers below.

Throughout the first season, Anne Lister (Suran Jones) and Anne Walker (Sophie Rundle) were asking “Will they, won’t they” gentleman jack Got a resounding yes: yes, they did, they did.

Of course, it’s easy to imagine them being in an unconventional (for the times) happy forever stage of life, but that’s based on a true story, and reality demands an “after” to contend with.

Ann Walker’s move to Shibden Hall has not been smooth sailing. They also make no effort to merge their assets when Ann’s attempt to divide the Crow’s Nest estate is blocked by her brother-in-law, Captain Sutherland (Derry Creedle).

Anne’s romance with ex-lover Marianna (Lydia Leonard) adds to the tension in their relationship.

Their sinister one-off tryst is like a bubbling undercurrent waiting to burst.

Can Ann and Annie hold on to their storybook? love story?

gentleman jack Interpretation of the ending

suranne jones as anne lister and sophie rundle as nn walker on bbc's gentleman jack


Ann Walker’s attempt to carve up her and her sister Elizabeth’s (Katherine Kelly) Crow’s Nest estate has come to an end. Elizabeth may be very happy (or forced) to cede her land title to her husband, but Ann is determined not to be bullied.

Their back-and-forth correspondence did nothing but annoy both parties, and eventually Captain Sutherland and Elizabeth were forced to travel to Yorkshire to settle the matter.

Despite his amiable appearance, Captain Sutherland denigrated Ann by claiming that “vulnerable” Miss Walker had been forced to divide her property by Anne. By making her appear mentally incompetent, he hopes to prevent division so he can keep the property as one, giving him partial ownership of all the land.

at the same time, Anne Lister With her own fish to fry, these kippers come in the form of new ventures.

She hopes to improve Halifax by building the Northcote Hotel and Casino. She over-borrowed to secure funds for the hotel, leading to tensions between her and Ann, who carried the day-to-day financial burdens for both of them. Ann fears she’s being exploited, which leads to their bickering, but their money problems are just the catalyst for a bigger fight.

Ann accused Annie of not sharing all parts of her life with her, saying: “When you need money, in bed, when you need money, I’m your wife, but when it comes to [meeting] Your noble people, trouble me. “

Jack Gentleman Season 2 Susannah Jones Sophie Rundle Lydia Leonard


The battle turns to the subject of Lady Marianne Laughton, who Ann reveals that she knows Lister is having an affair with her. On top of that, Ann reveals that Annie’s extravagant spending scares her. As their problems mount, Ann makes the surprising decision to end their relationship.

But there was no time to deal with the upheaval. The Sutherlands had arrived in Yorkshire and they were serious – at least the captain was. Poor Elizabeth seemed bound by her tyrannical husband.

Ann is summoned to her aunt’s house to sort out differences with the Sutherland family, but the captain has a lot of dirty tricks up his sleeve. He tricks Ann into giving the deed of the estate to lawyer Mr. Parker (Bruce Alexander) when he tries unsuccessfully to get lawyer Mr. Gray to discredit Ann.

Vile Sutherland then forced Parker to hand them over to him, portraying Anne as a predator and wealth hunter with an “unnatural grip” over Ann.

Sophie Randall as Ann Walker, Suran Jones as Anne Lister, Gentleman Jack Season 2


He did all of this in a ceremony commemorating the construction of the Northcote Hotel. Anne and Ann learn of this and try to thwart his plans, but they are thwarted by Parker’s secretary. They returned to Hibden, where they were later met by the Sutherland.

Buoyed by the success, the captain continues to lie when confronted by Ann. He shared that both Mr Grey and Mr Parker agreed with him (now they knew of “Lister’s manipulation”) that dividing the estate was a mistake.

However, his lies One Mr. Gray arrives at Hibden Hall, and Lister convinces Sutherland that Gray is the lawyer he just lied about. Elizabeth seemed both panicked and tired of lying, admitting that her husband had been cheating. She urges him to do the right thing, allowing Ann to own her land and feel cornered. Captain Sutherland had no choice but to agree.

Ann’s small but heroic actions convince Ann of her feelings for her and convince her to rekindle their relationship.

What happened to the other Listers?

Gemma Whelan as Marianne Lister in Gentleman Jack


While everything may have been good between Annie and Ann in the end, the Liszt couple were a little bit badly dressed.

Anne and her sister Marian (Gemma Whelan) have friction over their engagement to Mr. Abbott (John Hollingworth). Anne thought it was an inappropriate match, and that Mr. Abbott was unworthy of Sister Lister.

She told Marianne that if she planned to marry him, she would be cut off. The harsh slap upset Maryanne, but not as upset as Mr Abbott had been when he canceled Anne and Ann’s planned wedding after discovering the true nature of their relationship.

Marianne’s heartache prompted her to announce her intention to leave Hibden and return to Market Wheaton. Their father (Timothy West) agrees to go with her because he speaks out against Annie’s risky business venture, saying she makes herself look stupid.

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