Game of Thrones star Kit Harington lands next lead movie role

game of Thrones and Eternals Star Kit Harington has landed his next major movie role.

according to typeHarrington will star in the upcoming action thriller titled blood for dust It will be directed by Rod Blackhurst. fargoHe will also be joined by Scoot McNairy and Josh Lucas.

The film is premised on ex-friend Cliff (McNary), a traveling salesman struggling to make ends meet, and Ricky (Harrington), a wealthy illegal weapons dealer, who happen to bump into each other . Hoping to make some quick bucks to ease his financial woes, Cliff agrees to team up with a shaky Ricky to expand risky work for John (Lucas) and the boss of an American drug cartel to deliver drugs and guns across the border.

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Cliff reluctantly agrees to modify his station wagon to carry drugs across the border, but things quickly turn ugly when the seemingly simple exchange goes awry. Trapped in a bitter battle with a rival cartel, Cliff is forced to face the harsh realities of his new life.

Written by David Ebeltoft, the film is based on a story co-written by Blackhurst and Ebeltoft, with Noah Lang, Mark Fasano and Bernard Kira producing.

Blackhurst said more about the film and thanked Harrington and the rest of the cast for their dedication to the adventure.

“although blood for dust It’s a story born from the realities of our time, and it’s also a thriller about family, pain, greed, mobile defibrillator devices, the American Dream and its paradoxes,” Blackhurst said in a statement. .

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“I’m so grateful to be in the trenches with Scoot McNairy, Kit Harington and Josh Lucas – all fathers like me, all trying to care for our families while anxiously wondering what the future holds for our time? We talk about this American metaphor.”

In addition to starring (and nominated for an Emmy) game of ThronesHarrington recently appeared in Miracleof Eternalswhile McNairy appears in Argo, the girl who disappeared and Narcotics: Mexico. Lucas’s works include Sweet Home Alabama, Undertow and ford v ferrari.

blood for dust No release date yet.

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