From ‘Stranger Things’ to TikTok: Kate Bush talks to lonely kids.That’s why

As a Kate Bush fan, I’ve learned to be grateful for crumbs.Love the work of musicians Not really a tour will do this to you. There were rumors that Bush would perform at the London 2012 Olympics, and I stayed up, watching the closing ceremony, waiting.recording mixes of her songs “Run Up That Mountain (Deal with God)” used in performances. But that’s it.

I was surprised when “Running Up That Hill” appeared on Netflix’s new season of “Stranger Things.”if we just heard the song Max Wearing headphones as the character walks through the high school hallways is fine if the music is only used as an indicator of her emotional turmoil.

but that is no It’s not the only scene. From Stranger Things to TikTok, Bush is back.and she is here again) For a new generation of listeners who are younger than ever, like my own junior high school students. Why is Kate Bush talking to us now? What about her and her music as a gateway to more different arts?

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I’m a teenager who can’t drive. I was sent to the mall by my friend’s brother and I headed straight to the record store where the cover of Kate Bush’s new CD and ruby ​​toe shoes seemed to be shimmering with color and sparkle. I started with Bush’s 1993 version”red shoesand working backwards through her catalog. In college, my friends Stephen and I would run across the football field, covered in morning mist, screaming “Heathcliff!” from her debut single. “Wuthering Heightswas released at the age of 19.

Bush was “discovered” at a younger age when her cassette demo of more than 50 songs was rejected by multiple record labels and ended up in the hands of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmore. She taught herself the piano at the age of 11 and played the organ in her family’s barn. EMI eventually signed her, and like many worthy artists, her work was initially misunderstood and undervalued by those with power on and off the label.

The song is used time and time again to bring Max back, back to safety, back to himself.

But her first album, The Kick Inside, would go on to sell a million copies in the UK. Bush becomes the first woman to reach No. 1 in the UK with a song she composed. Her brother plays on this album. She wrote some songs when she was 13 years old.

Part of the reason may be that children are now attracted to Bush’s music. That was certainly part of what attracted me when I was a teenager. This girl has done it. Maybe I can do it too?so much childhood no power. You can’t drive, you can’t vote. Your voice was not heard.your life experiences – and even your worth – often suspected. Bush expressed that teenage longing, those great, effective feelings.

The use of “Running Up That Hill” in Stranger Things season four makes sense, not only as an emotional clue to Max’s feelings, but also for another huge and pivotal scene where the girl narrowly escapes danger.

It was used time and time again as a way to bring trauma survivor Max (Sadie sink) back, back to safety, back to self; keep her out of the upside-down tentacles, which we now know also captures the past.This 1985 song, From Bush’s album ‘Hounds of Love’, dramatic, deeply sad and engrossing, so desperate for sympathy from a lover – it won’t come – that the singer is willing to switch places and make a deal with a divine power . It is a manifestation of powerlessness and hope in the face of despair.

Like the children of Stranger Things and their love of fantasy and games, many of her early songs were not only influenced by life, but also by life. read.

exist”Stranger Things“The song is accompanied by the futility of trying to change the past and escape trauma, the desperation of childhood and adolescence (perhaps especially for a girl). Something horrific has happened to Max’s stepbrother and she can barely tell anyone The truth. What makes this song unique is its melodic chorus, like all of Bush’s songs — but it has a weird keyboard and a unique percussive drum arrangement.

No wonder the song found its way Tik Tok, The opening riff alone is enough to make the song surface video after video; Reached #1 on iTunes (of course a format does not exist when writing).

Listening to this song now, it feels both ancient and futuristic, like something that has never happened before and keeps happening. It’s unforgettable.and Max is haunted.

Stranger ThingsSadie Sink as Max Mayfield and Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas Sinclair in Stranger Things (Tina Roden/Netflix)Max is also different. Her life was arguably the toughest of the Hawkins children, not least because it changed so quickly. Her mother suddenly remarries Billy’s father. Billy was horrible to her and many others. But he sacrificed himself (no one knows) for her and her friends. After his death, her stepfather left, Max and her mom – trying their best but barely making ends meet and drinking – moved into a trailer and a murder took place across the road.

All “stranger” leads are weirdos. Some, like Nancy Wheeler, fell out of favor, or in her case, in popularity.but max no way adapt. She is always on the edge. In Season 4, alone and alone, she nearly fell into the abyss.

To me, like the way El wanted to destroy her through walls, Kate Bush opened the door to a sort of upside-down: to a different world.

Despite soaring on the charts in the 1980s, Bush remained low profile for subsequent generations.I’ve never heard “Running Up That Hill” on the radio, unlike ’80s hits like Blondie’s “Call Me” and “Take On Me” by Ah-haA dancer and pantomime performer, and many of her videos feature her performing interpretive dances in a catsuit, this uncompromising queen of eccentricities is like a true visionary artist, Keep trying, even if not everyone sees the fruits of her labor.

She basically stopped touring in 1979, then 55 years old Did an unexpected gig in London. She had a 12-year gap between albums.The media said she was reclusive mysterious like her withdraw from public view Live her life (she had a son with guitarist Dan Kintosh in 1998; fans don’t know for many years).

But from “December will be magical again” to”king of the mountain“Her compositions are full of emotion and earnestness. Her songs resonate with a rich inner life, even if, like “Stranger Things” children and their fantasy love and game, many of her early songs were not only influenced by life, but go through read – Kids, the kind of stuff kids write when they’re healthy. Or, shelter. Or, live in a small town like Hawkins.

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Kate Bush is real, and as “Stranger Things” proves, she’s really for everyone. For me, like El breaking the mind on the wall, she opens the door to a kind of upside-down: to a different world full of creativity and art.After Bush, I listened Peter GabrielPJ Harvey, OutKast, St. Vincent. I fell in love with something like “Mandy” and similar books Octavia E.Butler and Terri Wendlin. I learned to create my own world through art.

“Maybe you should start listening to the whole ‘Hounds of Love’ album,” I told my son as I walked to school the morning after finishing “Stranger Things.” He’s been humming Kate Bush for days.

“Shouldn’t I start listening? toria amos? ” he said. I have raised a tween Long enough to know not to scream with joy, at least not in front of him.

I hope “Running Up That Hill” is a similar entry for the newest and youngest listeners. I hope they get from her songs not only to feel good, but to be yourself too: no matter what weird, wild, dreamy person that is. In the ’90s, I often thought Kate Bush was a secret. If you know, you know. Such a good person should not be a secret. I want her to open the door.

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