Former Miss Ireland Holly Carpenter opens up on hard time and ratings ‘strategy’ for Britain’s next top model

Holly Carpenter was stripped of her dignity and sleep deprived in Britain’s Next Top Model.

The former Miss Ireland has warned would-be Love Island stars to consider the mental health implications before agreeing to appear on the reality show.

Holly, 30, told the Irish Sunday Mirror: “It’s very challenging to be Britain’s next top model.

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“Because it’s a reality show and I’m away from my family, it’s tough.

“They deprive you of a lot of things and don’t give you a lot of sleep, so everyone is stressed and the intensity is high.

“It made me aware of all the things going on behind the scenes on reality shows, and it made the participants have more breakdowns — more fun.”

Holly claims that sleep deprivation is a tactic that encourages intense conflict to boost ratings.

She said: “You would record late at night, then call the police at 6am and then drive to take pictures, you don’t know where you’re going, what you’re going to do.

“Then you find out it’s an underwater shot or a shot with snakes and you won’t be able to prepare.

“I really want to know ahead of time what I’m doing, it’s testing.”

As tiring as it is, Holly admits that sometimes she feels like a movie star.

holly carpenter

She added: “We shot a boa constrictor and nude photos and underwater shots in the same tank they used to shoot James Bond.

“As a 22-year-old, something like this is unbelievable.

“I’m more nervous about going into the water. But you can’t let fear show on your face because it’s a picture.”

As with all reality TV shows, the challenge of facing internet trolls is a given.

Holly said: “This is the first time I’ve been hated online because people will watch this episode and maybe tweet that they don’t like my pics or take sides with other girls.

“Social media is relatively new, so getting strangers to tweet what they think about you is a new experience.

“I took things to heart then and now it’s like water on a duck’s back to me.

“When people watch a show like this or X Factor or Love Island, they talk about the actors on the show without thinking. These are the real people on the show.

“There are also people watching the play at home.”

Holly said mental health support, such as counseling, is now mandatory for any reality show.

As the countdown to the new series Love Island continued, she added: “They were torn apart and I can understand how they came out with counseling. There was no aftercare on my show, and when we came out, the producers People didn’t even call us.

“I don’t think reviewing mental health conversations is that common at all, and you should be keeping things under your chin, not being sensitive.

“But now there are more considerations.”

Holly, who was crowned Miss Ireland in 2011, said she still has fond memories of her first pageant.

She said: “I was only 19 and this was the first thing I did and it opened a lot of doors. I’m still young and I don’t regret it.

“It made me grow quickly. I was doing a textiles degree at NCAD at the time. I always wanted to go the fashion and interior design route.

“Going into modeling, photography, designers and travel – it’s a great way to see how the world works from such a young age.

“That’s why I went on to become Britain’s Next Top Model and Dancing with the Stars.

“If I hadn’t competed in Miss World, I wouldn’t have these opportunities.

“It’s fascinating to be around girls from different cultures around the world, and I’m still friends with many of them on Instagram.

“Over 10 years later, I still keep in touch with them.”

In defense of pageants, Holly insists they are far from obsolete.

She added: “If someone goes in and is really the most beautiful woman in the world, but they haven’t done charity work or gone to university and aren’t proud of their country, they’re not going to win.

“They’re trying to find someone who is well-rounded, so I think…it represents passionate women. Yes, they’re taking bikini pictures — but why can’t women be proud of their bodies and be smart and motivated? Woolen cloth?

“So it’s not like women need to be put in a box.

“It’s celebrating the well-rounded development of women and I’ll be a professional beauty pageant like Miss World.”

The talented Dubliner just released her first podcast, Filter Free, and it’s out now.

Holly said: “The premise is that even though we are all in the industry, influential celebrities and sports stars, people are always going to do their best, with gorgeous selfies with their partners or cute makeup selfies.

“But people can forget what’s going on behind the scenes in people’s lives that they can’t see from their Instagram feed.

Professional dancer Curtis Pritchard joins his celebrity dancer Holly Carpenter on Dancing With the Stars

“I have a guest and if I find a photo that I want to know more about what’s going on, I’ll pick it out and surprise them and ask them.

“People were caught off guard and I found that they were really open.

“I had Peter Stringer on and he usually talks about sports, but he opened up about fatherhood and how much he loves his wife Debbie.

“When I picked up his wedding pictures and pictures with his kids, he showed a softer side.”

Opening the podcast with James Kavanagh about the time the couple was arrested and strip-searched in Paris has made headlines.

She added: “We drank a lot on the plane. James lost his passport when we landed and we were giggling and walking away. There was a riot in Paris so they saw us coming to security, Because James didn’t have a passport, they handcuffed us at the airport and took us to a cell. There are airport police, you must not mess with them.

“It was one of those situations that was totally unnecessary, we didn’t create any scene and we were shocked after it.

“They made me take off my bra, shoes and parts of my clothes.

“When we went to the embassy, ​​they said this shouldn’t have happened.

“We just wanted to go home at the time. “Sometimes people are afraid to talk about when they screwed up or what embarrassing things they did, but we’re all human, so why can’t we just laugh at those things. “

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