Emmerdale Spoilers – Shock as Dales star’s true cause of death revealed; plus EastEnders and Coronation Street news

Emmerdale actor Andy Devine died of “hospital-acquired pneumonia” after an accidental fall, a coroner has ruled.

The 79-year-old actor played Shadrach Dingle for ten years Emmerdale until 2010.

But his death on January 27 was announced only on Monday, and the cause of death only on Wednesday morning.

A statement released on Tuesday by Sefton Senior Coroner Julie Goulding said the TV actress appeared to have “lost her balance resulting in a fall” and died at Southport Hospital, Merseyside.

“He couldn’t get out of bed until his carers arrived to help him about an hour later,” she added.

His condition deteriorated from there, “eventually leading to his death”, which Ms Goulding concluded was an “accident”.

Former Emmerdale actor Liam O’Brien, who played Ethan Blake, responded: “Heartbroken.”

Andy, born Peter, also starred in Queer and Doctor Who.he left iTV soap More than ten years before leaving in 2010.

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  • Hollyoaks spoiler: Nancy finally gives birth at work

    The water broke when Nancy, the vice-principal, was locked in the classroom.

    The baby was delivered by Felix and Nancy, who worked together to ensure the baby was delivered as safely as possible.

    Darren comes home from Antlers to meet the new baby girl, but sadly has to tell Nancy some very serious news…

  • Emmerdale’s Shadrach says acting on soap opera is like being in ‘prison’

    Fear of death when acting.

    Andy Devine left in 2010 after ten years at Emmerdale.

    His death was announced this week after his death in January. The coroner said his cause of death was an “accidental fall”.

    Andy told the Manchester Evening News: “I guess it’s a bit like getting out of jail, it’s going to take a few weeks for the bubble to burst.”

  • Post-mortem results in death of Andy Devine released

    He died in early January this year at the age of 79.

    Andy, who played Shadrach Dingle, passed away on January 27, 2022.

    According to the coroner, he died of an “accidental fall”. He lay on the floor for about an hour because he couldn’t get up.

  • Stacey Slater rushed out in an ambulance, can she make it through?

    A nasty wound on her back poisoned her with blood when her mother Jean angrily pushed her down.

    A distraught Joan once again admits to being in the hospital, when she realizes the danger she poses to her family.

    When Joan decided to leave, the audience would burst into tears, and Stacey was so upset that her mom was leaving.

  • Emmerdale: Noah’s trial took over Sarah’s birthday ruined

    Poor Sarah’s birthday celebration wasn’t as one might think, as everyone feared Noah’s trial.

    Charity is saddened to report her son to police after discovering his bizarre raping behavior.

    Sarah was so upset when the family forgot about her, she packed up and grabbed her suitcase.

  • Kelly Bright and Prince Charles met once before

    Not long ago, she met the Duke of Cornwall on BBC Radio 4’s The Archers.

    Kelly played Kate Madican from 1995 to 2004. Prince Charles was in attendance at the Archer’s 50th anniversary celebration.

    They had a party in St James’s Square.

    Prince Charles and Camilla appeared on Coronation Street in 2000 to celebrate the show’s 40th anniversary.

  • Get dirty on the cobblestones!

    The Coronation Street Instagram page shared a photo of the actor completely covered in mud!

    Tyrone and Phil have a showdown with Hose over Fitz’s favor.

    Alan Halsall as Tyrone and Jamie Kenna as Phill looked like they had a good laugh while filming that scene!

  • Corrie: Is Toyah leaving EastEnders?

    It looks like she came out of a car accident with more wear and tear, will she come out alive?

    Toya and Imran are involved in a serious car accident, and the scene shows Imran begging Toya not to die.

    So far, it has been confirmed that Toyah will not leave the cobblestones.

    However, Imran actor Charlie DeMello will leave, but it remains to be seen how he will wave goodbye.

  • Coronation Street spectators puzzled by crash scene

    The crash scene was not aired, but instead switched to a scene where Toyah passed out.

    Viewers saw tensions rise as Toya and Imran tried to stop Abi from escaping the country with his child Alfie.

    Toya rages on, but Imran manages to catch up with her and speak out.

    Imran was about to tell her his lie in court, but the scene instead cut off the aftermath of the crash.

    One viewer tweeted: “Huh?!? Talk about cheap! They didn’t even show us the bloody accident! #Corey

    Another added: “They’d better show the actual collapse tomorrow. #corrie. “

  • EastEnders to change ICONIC theme song for Jubilee

    Viewers were shocked to learn the show bosses were changing the theme song for the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall appearance.

    The theme song has been completely rewritten for the special event, composed by Simon May.

    He was the creator of the EastEnders theme song that year.

  • Coronation Street: Cheating on exams when summer gets in trouble

    Aadi Alahan may take responsibility for helping Summer.

    She cheated on the exam, but Aadi took responsibility to help her.

    Will he ruin his chances of further education?

  • Hollyoaks spoiler: Nancy finally gives birth at work

    The water broke when Nancy, the vice-principal, was locked in the classroom.

    The baby was delivered by Felix and Nancy, who worked together to ensure the baby was delivered as safely as possible.

    Darren comes home from Deer Farm to meet the new baby girl, but sadly has to tell Nancy some very serious news…

  • Hollyoaks spoiler: Luke Morgan dies after tragically deteriorating health

    Three years ago, he was diagnosed with FTD, or frontotemporal dementia.

    Acts very impulsive as his behavior changes.

    He flew to Mallorca with friends for his upcoming wedding to Cindy.

    In a horrific twist, his wedding ring was snatched from him when he was threatened by armed robbers.

    In a later scene, Cindy gets a call from the hospital saying there’s nothing they can do to help Luke.

    Is this the end?

  • East End spoilers: Linda involved in devastating car crash

    Linda travels to Watford with her daughter Nancy, but after getting involved in a big row, Linda ends up in a horrific accident.

    Clashes erupt and Nancy learns that Linda was planning to leave Wolford a few weeks ago.

    She ran away, leaving Linda and little Annie behind.

    Linda meets Jenny, who worries that Linda will reveal that she lost Nancy’s deposit to buy a house.

    Jenny and Linda go to drive, but Jenny loses control of the vehicle…

  • Corrie spoilers: Police launch investigation into car crash

    It’s coming, the streets are crumbling after a car accident, and baby Alfie’s future seems increasingly uncertain.

    Doubts about the circumstances of the crash have grown, especially after it revealed Abby’s mechanic husband Kevin Webster (Michael LeVert) was the last person to work on Habeebs’ cars.

    Soon, the car accident became a case for the police to solve, and an investigation was launched.

    After the crash, authorities made it clear they did not believe it was an accident, and Abiy was taken in for questioning.

    Meanwhile, actress Sally Carman has suggested her character may actually be innocent – but she has mentioned her own suspicions about her on-screen husband.

    ‘It’s hard to have a rational brain’, actress Tell The Sun and other media.

    “She was really worried and worried about what Kevin did to the car.”

    But has Kevin really lost his love for her?

  • Brooke Vincent Looks Far From Sophie Webster as She Dresses Up for Romantic Dinner

    Brooke Vincent of Corrie looked a little white at a romantic dinner with fiancé Kean Bryan.

    former soap opera star The mum looked after their sons Mexx and Monroe last night so the couple could enjoy some alone time together.

    Taking a photo before leaving the house, Brooke looked great in a PrettyLittleThing jumpsuit.

    Former co-star Catherine Tyldesley commented: “Love this dress xxxx.”

    Sally Carman said: “Gorgeous 😍 That belt 🔥.”

    Helen Flanagan, who played her onscreen sister Rosie Webster in “Corrie,” had a loving eye.

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  • Seven jaw-dropping EastEnders spoilers

    The square is also getting ready to celebrate, as parties are being held across the UK for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

    But the festivities don’t stop anything ordinary Eastsiders The drama unfolds from.

    1. The square welcomes royal visitors
    2. Stacey broke down
    3. Linda acquires a new company
    4. Sharon kicks Zach out
    5. Suki is stunned by a returning family member
    6. Rainie struggles to cope
    7. Callum ignores concerns about Ben

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  • EastEnders’ Charlie Brooks lookalike daughter

    EASTENDERS star Charlie Brooks has surprised fans with a rare photo of her daughter Kiki, who is similar to her.

    Charlie – who played the scheming Jenny Butcher on the BBC One soap – gushed about her “beautiful” daughter after the teen posted a selfie basking in the sun.

    Gigi, 17, curled her hair into a half-updo and pouted at the camera.

    Charlie proudly commented on Kiki’s photo, writing: “What a beautiful baby 💜.”

    Fans were quick to comment on the striking resemblance to her famous mom.

    One wrote: “She’s your stand-in, isn’t she ❤️.”

  • Corey fans believe Abbey will murder Imran

    Coronation Street fans are convinced Abbey Webster will murder Imran Habib after he catches her trying to flee the country with baby Alfie.

    One wrote: “Abi is going to kill Imran! She desperately wants to keep that kid!”

    The second said: “Imran is a dead man!”

    Another added: “IMRAN found the passport! What to do?! What will Abby do? What will IMRAN do?!

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