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Mayermask Natasha Bassett

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Elon Muskgirlfriend Natasha BassettAt 29, just got some serious bonus points with the 50-year-old billionaire and his beloved mother, Mayermask, 74! After going incognito for the past few months, hollywood life Get an exclusive look at Natasha – who’s in Buzz LuhrmannThe upcoming biopic of Elvis – brought Elon’s mother Mayer as her guest to the Cannes premiere of the highly anticipated film. According to a source, “Elon and Natasha are still going strong, and Natasha has developed a strong bond with his mother Maye over time. Maye is the most important person in Elon’s world, she Worshiping Natasha means a lot to him.”

hollywood life Yes The first channel to report news Elon and Natasha dated after photos surfaced of leaving his private jet in Los Angeles, California on February 17, when- beautiful redhead “Mysterious” woman.A month later in March, Elon’s ex GrimesThe 34-year-old revealed on the cover of Vanity Fair that she welcomed second child Enter the world with Elon through an agent. After leading fans to speculate that she is still with Tesla founder Grimes cThe situation was clarified that day When she said they broke up. Elon and Natasha have been on the DL since then, and there’s hardly been any sign of them being together – until now. When the two arrived at the premiere on May 26, Maye shared a photo with Natasha from her Instagram Story. Maye showed her some love with an emoji heart next to her hashtag. The two women did not walk the carpet together and were carefully seen in the same footage of the event.

According to our source, “Natasha got huge points this week when she brought Maye to the Cannes Film Festival with her, a movie she starred in. Elon has work obligations and can’t go. Also, Elon and Natasha are still working on putting together It remains on the DL. Maye is a huge Elvis fan and she thinks Natasha’s role in this movie is amazing.” As hollywood life also exclusive reportElon introduced Natasha to his beloved mom, and around the same time they were filmed boarding his plane in Los Angeles, our source told us, “One of the things Elon admired most about Natasha was that How close she was to her family because he was so close to his. In fact, he had introduced her to his mom and they hit it off.”

Mayermask Natasha Bassett
Elon Musk’s mother Mayer attends the premiere of his girlfriend Natasha Bassett’s upcoming movie “Elvis” in Cannes on May 25, 2022. (Shutterstock)

It appears that the ladies continued to hit it off during their overseas trip to Cannes, as the insider put it, “They both attended the premieres and had a great time. They spent more time together during Cannes and had a better time than More intimate than ever. Mayer loved the film and was impressed by Natasha’s talent. Ultimately, Natasha was so moved to invite her to the event because she knew it was going to be for Natasha How important she could have invited anyone to attend.”

So how does Elon feel about his mom approaching his lover?sources told hollywood life The SpaceX founder, who recently bought Twitter, completely agrees with his mother’s relationship with Natasha. “Elon thought it was great that two of his favorite women in the world, his mum and Natasha, were able to go through this together. It was really important to him that Natasha took her with him. Representatives for Elon and Natasha were contacted by HollywoodLife for no comment.