East End spoilers – Linda and Jenny in car accident

Eastsiders spoiler follow.

Eastsiders Full details of Linda and Jenny’s shocking crash next week have been revealed.

Love rivals will be involved, as we’ve already revealed devastating collapsewhich will leave Linda’s life hanging in the balance.

Earlier this week, Jenny was planning to visit her sister Claire with Scarlett, but she still feels insecure about Mick and Linda’s undeniable bond.

Linda Carter, Eastside native


Sharon urges her to be honest with her daughter as Linda prepares to head to Watford with Nancy about money.

Nancy worries about the trip, and when Zach lets Linda slip away, her feelings only get worse about to leave a few weeks ago.

The two set off quickly, and Sharon likes to end Jenny in their absence, suggesting that Linda intends to tell Nancy everything.

linda carter, nancy carter, oriental


On the way, Nancy confronts Linda why she nearly left Wolford. However, before Linda has a chance to explain herself, Nancy goes berserk and returns to the plaza.

At this point, Linda’s car broke down and she turned to drinking to boost her mood.

Nancy Carter, Linda Carter, Oriental


When Nancy storms into the Vic Hotel, Jenny is nervous and clearly upset about something. Mick is distraught, and Jenny then manages to intercept Drunk Linda’s phone and hail a taxi to where she is.

The car starts, and Jenny drives a drunk Linda and Annie home while begging her not to tell Mick the truth.

linda carter, jenny butcher, oriental


Jenny confesses her feelings for Mick to Linda, but tragedy strikes when she loses control of her car and crashes.

Jenny panics when she realizes the seriousness of Linda’s injuries, but it doesn’t take long for her to show her true colors again…

Not knowing what’s going on, Mick returns to the bar to comfort a distraught Nancy, while Sharon realizes she still doesn’t know the truth about Jenny’s plan.

Linda Carter, Eastside native


Mick upsets Nancy, but Sharon quickly realizes they still don’t know Jenny and wonders if she should tell them.

Before she had a chance, everything changed when Shirley got a call from the hospital saying there had been an accident.

Nancy, Mick and Shirley immediately rush to the hospital, where they get some devastating news – Linda is in critical condition and may die.

Eastsiders The scenes are broadcast during the week starting on BBC One on Monday 6 June at 7.30pm.

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