Days We Live Recap: Nicole Wants To Fast Track Leif’s Wedding

Ciara takes Baby Bo to meet Rafe in his office and asks him to be her son’s godfather. Rafe was honored and thought they would want Eric to baptize him before he returned to Africa. Ciara tells a stunned Rafe that Eric is no longer a priest. He recovered and shared his engagement news. She’s excited for him, but asks if he thinks Eric will affect him and Nicole. Of course not, he said, looking away thoughtfully.

In the square, Eric tells Malena, John and Brady that he is no longer a priest due to the exorcism. The men were stunned, and Malena claimed it was all her fault. Eric insists it was worth saving her life.

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In Houghton Square, Eric sits at a table with Brady, John and Malena.

When Ben walks into Sean and Bell’s residence, Jane is startled. He was looking for Sean, but he wasn’t there. However, Jane relayed that he did want to talk to him and Ciara about having her babysitting the child to practice. Ben scoffed, rejecting the idea. Jane reminds Ben that after his crime, everyone accepts him. Ben corrects her. Not only did they accept him. He works hard to make money. Jane insists that’s what she wants to do. Why can he live a perfect life and she can’t?

Ben suggested that as long as she loves her children, she can be a good mom. What helped him the most was his treatment of Dr. Evans. She asks Ben to contact Dr. Evans on her behalf. He couldn’t do that for her. If she wants to be a better person, start here. She will do everything she can to make Sean realize that they are meant to be together as a perfect family. Ben reminds Jane how she got pregnant, so Sean may disagree. Also he is married. Jan isn’t worried about that.

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At Sean and Belle's house, Ben stares at Jane who is pregnant.

At the station, Bell told Sean that she had filed for legal separation. He knew he handled it very badly, but he never thought about hurting her. Bell just knew she couldn’t go on like this. She thinks the best thing for them is to draw the line. He asked EJ if it had anything to do with it. She was insulted. It’s about a person and a person – Jane Spears. He angrily signed the document, and she burst into tears.

Nicole stopped by Dimera Mansion to see EJ. She has asked for a copy since he filed the divorce papers. He wondered why she needed them. She held up her left hand to show him her engagement ring. After expressing his disdain for Rafe, he wondered how Father Eric felt about it. She let him know that Eric was no longer a priest. He assumed that if she had known this before agreeing, she would not have accepted Rafe’s offer. Nicole insists it won’t make a difference, then wonders who’s in his life these days. He reluctantly admits he’s been with Bell all the time.He insists they are just friends, but her marriage Yes falling apart. If so, Nicole encourages him to do it.

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Belle showed up, and EJ hurriedly gave Nicole a smirk. Belle is alone in asking EJ to file her separation papers. EJ understands and invites her to stay for dinner and wine. Bell was tempted, but she didn’t think it was a good idea. At least not tonight.

Ciara pushes the stroller into the station and tells Shawn Rafe that he will be Bo’s godfather. Grumpy Sean understands why she doesn’t want her wrecked brother to come forward. Ciara thinks he has a lot to do right now. Sean apologized for taking his stuff on her. He sees Rafe as a good role model for her son. Ciara knew Sean was going to be an amazing uncle, but Sean claimed he had just ruined his entire life and marriage. After introducing the separation to Ciara, he tells his sister Jane that he wants to take care of Beau. Ciara flatly refused and urged him not to let Jane screw up his relationship with Bell.

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Ben left after he provided Dr. Jan Evans’ phone number. Jane alone called Malena who was still in the square. Jane needs help and asks her to come see her. Malena agrees. John wouldn’t let her go alone, so he left with her. When Brady and Eric return for coffee, Nicole approaches. Brady discovers her engagement ring and she confirms that she and Rafe are engaged. He stood up to congratulate her. Eric stood up and expressed his delight in her and Rafe. She deserves happiness. She appreciated it and left. Brady doesn’t think Eric can accept her marrying Rafe, but Eric insists that he no longer has a romantic interest in her. Brady thought he was lying to himself.

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At a table in Houghton Square, a pensive Eric and Brady sit together for coffee.

When Malena and John arrive at the apartment, Jane asks Dr. Evans to help her, just as she helped Ben. Sean returns home, and Malena embarrassedly tells Jane that she can’t promise anything, but she’ll come back to her. She suggested that Sean and Bell also get marriage counseling. Sean relays that Bell wants to formally separate. John and Marlena were shocked, while Jan smirked.

Nicole visits Rafe at work to discuss how to determine the wedding date. She said, “How about next week?”

At home, Ben and Ciara discuss Jane. They agreed that they were not trying to save their son from the devil, but to put him in the arms of Jane Spears. However, Ciara worries that Jane will eventually manage to get between Sean and Belle.

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