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During her live improv music performance, defiant musician Anne Hardy (Annie Hardy) steals a car from her friend Stretch (Amar Chadha-Patel) and begins a night of music and chaos. But her already chaotic night takes a turn when she picks up a mysterious old woman, Angela (Angela Einahoro) and encounters a mysterious conspiracy.

If you need to know one thing Driving Recorderthat’s it: yes, it’s kidding you. rob barbarian‘s second feature film – his first for Blumhouse, following the hugely successful Zoom-seance lock-in host – Full of mischievous personalities of internet trolls, designed to shock, confuse, anger and entertain with equal measure.Another thing you need to know is that it’s brilliant and confirmed Savage – and his co-writers and producers Gemma Hurley and Jed Shepherd – to be one of the most exciting voices in British cinema, horror or otherwise.

many Driving RecorderThe cheerfully obnoxious tone of ‘s comes from its central character. Anne Hardy didn’t just star in the movie — she actually was the movie. The former Giant Drag musician’s creative output, an upgraded version of her already defiant self, is at the heart of the film’s origins.because like host Perfectly mimics the experience of a Zoom call—a realism that emphasizes every masterful vibration— Driving Recorder Presenting Hardy’s real-life internet show “Band Cars,” aka “the internet’s #1 live improv music performance broadcast from a moving vehicle,” in a periscope live broadcast. Essentially, Hardy played loose hip-hop beats on her keyboard, crafting rude nonsense lyrics based on phrases her audience wrote in comments.Throw it into the context of lockdown (Hardy’s featured version is an outspoken anti-masker with a MAGA hat and no sense of personal boundaries), smash it all into a cryptic horror movie, and you’ll get Driving Recorder.

Driving Recorder

harder to sell than this host, Then. But while Anne’s character is deliberately hated for most of her life—against the lockdown, breaking into an old friend Stretch (Amar Chadha-Patel)’s apartment, giggling while refusing to cover up—she’s also flippant, funny and Fascinating anarchism. Driving Recorder Dare you to be entertained by her inarticulate riffs (example lyrics: “Look around for a butt buffet”) and wacky wit (Annie eats pickled “Covid eggs” at the abandoned Beano Café). Even before the horror element, just watching her wreak daily carnage while interacting with her followers was quite compelling. In true Periscope style, the steady chat stream in the bottom left provides ongoing commentary on events (when the chaos starts, keep an eye out for clues there), while reaction emojis emerge from the bottom right – not only formally fun, but precise Mimics real-life technology and makes everything completely believable.

It’s a movie that happily releases vibrations like custard pie.

Barbarians won’t make you wait too long before kicking Driving Recorder Upshifts — and, and host, once rising, it is relentless. When Annie finds herself caring for an ailing old woman (played by Pilates instructor-turned-first-timer Angela Einajoro), the film is hellish: Prepare for broken limbs, beheadings, and more A constant stream of pee, feces, blood and vomit. Shot entirely on an iPhone, there’s some insane photography work here as Annie and Stretch frantically fight for their lives, but Savage shows extraordinary control amidst the chaos – the adrenaline is real, and the rush is well-timed , effectively conveying the necessary information. He even sneaks some real warmth into Anne and Strachey’s love-hate friendship, manifested in predatory glimpses between sacrifice and demonic levitation. It’s an amazing balancing act.

At the moment, though, you might be too entertained (or too busy cringing on tight set pieces) to notice the care in the craft. Especially noisy when watching with an audience, Driving Recorder Provides a dizzying blast of punk power, Sam Raimi– Cinematic energy, like an evil concoction Evil Dead II, Blair Witch Project and Donkeys: The Movie. It’s a movie that happily exudes vibrations like custard pie, all the blunt pounding of a can of Fanta to the face. Near the end of the 77 minutes of runtime (actually 65 minutes, minus its must-see shows, oh my gosh, Annie – actually just saying that –Jason BloomMother? credits), you’ll feel like you’re spinning in a centrifuge. in a good way. Bring your own seat belt, fasten your seat belt.

It’s not for everyone — and should prove more divisive than Host — but Rob Savage, Gemma Hurley, and Jed Shepherd did it again. Bring a few friends and get ready for a chaotic journey.