Danica Patrick’s Journey to Body Confidence at 40

Danica Patrick on being confident about her body at 40: 'Happiness is beautiful'

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The most important thing is to love yourself!on a busy schedule and The changing state of romance, Danica Patrick Already know that confidence is important.

“I think it’s always an ongoing thing, but age definitely gives you a lot of perspective,” former nascar racer40, exclusive tell Us Weekly On Wednesday, May 25, in promoting her and good food“I think a little more perspective and reason can put you at ease, but being physically confident is about knowing yourself, knowing yourself, knowing who you are, what you want and what makes you happy. Happiness is beautiful.”

patrick, who Celebrated her milestone birthday earlier this yearfurther Now open up about her confidence She has entered a new decade of her life.

“I think from 39 to 40 one day bigger, I think when you change decades, I think that day is going to be different,” the Wisconsin native told us on Wednesday. “I don’t know if the middleman actually does this [matter]but I definitely have this view. I was like, “Oh man, okay.” Like, there’s a lot of great things going on in my life, but I thought, “Yes, I’m single and I’m 40 years old. I’m not sure what that said to me. I had this moment, but then I also observed that I had a wonderful vacation with about 10 of my best girlfriends and we had a lot of fun. “

This quite intense author announcing her Carter Comstock March After a year of dating, I’ve since learned to follow her heart and trust her instincts in finding a partner.

“I think I’ve gotten better and better over time,” Patrick Wednesday explained. “So just trust your gut and see…if there are red flags at first, it’s like trusting [and] Don’t just brush it off. I think these are the very key things that I started to realize.I have no doubt [love] come together [at the] Just in time. “

And the ‘Pretty Intense’ podcast host — who’s dated before Aaron Rogers and nascar stars Ricky Stenhouse Jr. – Yes Still looking for her Mr. RightShe is Being able to recognize all the “good things” in her life and feel satisfied.

“So, at 40, I think my skin feels more comfortable, like there’s a lot of life left,” Patrick added. “I’m going to live to be 120. So 40 is not a midlife crisis at all. Like, this is the new 20!”

In addition to learning to love her body, the retired athlete announced last month She had her breast implants removed after a mysterious illness.

“I have Trying to fix certain health problems for a year And something happened that was out of the norm, beyond the reason I thought it was,” recalls Patrick us. “Well, so I don’t think I’m going to have surgery and tell everyone that it’s going to be the magic solution to the problem. I’ve tried a lot of other things that I really hope will fix the problem, but it doesn’t. So , it made a difference when I finally found something after so much searching and a year of extensive testing and many different protocols. …I feel like it’s been about a month and I feel great , and it keeps getting better.”

Somnium Wine Entrepreneur’s Focus on her health and well-being Also the driving force behind the partnership with Good Foods and their line of plant-based dips.

“Everything I do after my career, even in my career, is health and wellness oriented,” she told us. “So even if we’re talking about something like this morning [for this interview], I pack my own food, which is pretty common for me. I have brought coolers many times. So, Good Foods is our partner, and they’re great for a little snack on the go: they have individual avocados, buffalo dip — which is my favorite — [and] tzatziki and all kinds of great stuff. So packing the little things into a toolbox to stay healthy wherever I go is something I do all the time. “

Christina Garibaldi reports

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