Coronation Street spoilers – character blamed for car crash death

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Kevin Webster blamed for shock death of Imran Khabib Coronation Street.

The surprising arrest took place in Imran and Toya injured in a serious car accident earlier this week.

Imran screamed desperately for help at the start of Wednesday’s dramatic half-hour as the scaffolding they hit looked dangerous and nearly collapsed on the roof of their car.

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“This whole thing is going to happen and I need to get my wife out of this car,” he shouted to the 9-9-9 operator.

Imran refused to wait, but forced his way out of the driveway door. His actions caused the scaffolding to start collapsing, so he could only rescue Toya before it hit the roof of their car.

With Toya still in a coma, Imran hugged her tightly and begged her to wake up. Soon, Craig was on the scene and Toya was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Although Imran requested to be taken in an ambulance with Toya, he collapsed quickly and was attended to by medical staff at the scene. Paramedics used chest compressions to try and revive Imran, but failed.

At the hospital, Leanne receives encouraging news that Toyah has stabilized, but is horrified to discover that Iman did indeed die at the scene of a heart attack.

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Kevin and Abbie learn of the accident when they visit Alfie at the restaurant, but are almost immediately concerned that Kevin was working in Imran’s car recently.

“It’s fixed,” Kevin swears.

Back at the hospital, Ryan told a detective, Kevin, all about working in Imran’s car, hours after Abbie tried to run with the baby.

“They obviously screwed up the brakes. It’s all their fault,” Leanne claimed.

Because of this damn information, police showed up at Kevin’s door and took him to the station, where he had to answer questions about this “very serious matter”.

Is Kevin really guilty?

Coronation Street Aired on ITV earlier in the week at 7.30pm and on ITV Hub.

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