Coronation Street – Charlie DeMello on the unsolved story of Imran

Coronation Street spoiler from Wednesday’s episode (June 1)which some readers may prefer to avoid.

Coronation Street Star Charlie DeMello spoke on the show Unresolved Rana Habeeb Storyline.

The actor’s character Imran Khabib quit the ITV soap on Wednesday night as part of a dramatic car accident storyline.

Imran suffered a cardiac arrest and tragically passed away shortly after he and his wife Toya were involved. traffic accident.

This means Imran died without finding that Gary Windas was responsible for the death of his sister Lana in 2019.

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Lana dies when Gary’s secret sabotage causes the underworld roof to collapse.

when digital spy When asked about this forgotten episode in a recent interview, Charlie replied: “I said this to Georgia Taylor before. [who plays Toyah]. I told Georgia I want to leave before i tell Coreybecause I want to make sure she knows first and that she can line up her ducks if she needs to.

“I said to her: ‘I’ve been imagining what the final scene will be’. In my head, Imran somehow found out Gary was responsible for the collapse of the factory and invited him to the roof to have some kind of conversation.

“It’s going to rain heavily and Gary climbs the ladder and sees Imran there, takes whatever evidence he gets. There’s going to be a melee at the top, Gary’s going to let Imran go, Imran’s going to fall, that’s going to be The last loose ending of being tied there.”

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Charlie noted that such an outcome would undermine recent efforts Corey Redemption has been made for Gary’s character.

“In the face of the perfect redemption of the Gary Windas arc that they’ve been working on, that would have been impossible, so this can’t work!” he said.

Coronation Street Aired on ITV earlier in the week at 7.30pm and on ITV Hub.

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