Cheryl Burke asks to try Matthew Lawrence for divorce: Details

Cheryl Burke asks to try Matthew Lawrence for divorce: What it means for their case

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among Cheryl BurkeDivorce from estranged husband Matthew Lawrence, Us Weekly can confirm she asked for a trial of the proceedings.

The 38 year old dancing with the stars The pro’s attorneys filed a motion on Thursday, May 26, requesting Trial Environment for Requesting Family Law Cases. According to court documents, by usboth legal teams have signed the request.

The trial, which lasts about three days, cannot be scheduled as a short-term proceeding unless the parties agree to estimate the length of the trial to be five hours (one day) or less, according to legal thing Will discuss dissolution of marriagespousal support, property division, attorney fees and other legal fees.

“Cheryl’s attorney made a trial setup request as he tried to push the other side to act and get the job done,” Goldie Schoena family law attorney from California, told exclusively us what the new bill could mean Burke divorces 42-year-old actor. “He’s pushing it hard because it could take three months for a trial setup meeting [the] Calendar – This is an appointment for the court to hold a trial in six months’ time. So they might get a request for a trial setup meeting in August or September to go to court to sit before the judge and get another trial date. This won’t happen anytime soon. They are trying to solve the problem in front of a judge. “

Schon noted that the California native’s attorneys are trying to “keep things moving” by filing requests nearly three months after the case began.

“Of course she seems to want to expedite the process and wants to get the job done. She just wants to put it in the rearview mirror, she doesn’t want to deal with any of these things like it never happened,” speculates Schon us“Submission of trial setup early in the game told me she just wanted to get this done – faster than the family court would allow.”

us Before confirmed in February, dance mom Alum files for divorce After three years of marriage from Lawrence.

“I know I’ve always said I’m an open book for you guys, and I really try to do that, and while writing this, I realize it’s not an easy way to announce that my marriage is coming to an end,” Burke Written on February 24th via Instagram“I hope you understand that I will not be making any further comments at this time and ask for understanding and privacy. Thank you all for all your kind words and support.”

Burke – who married boy meets world May 2019 Alumni – Have Because still candidly move oneven Admits their breakup ‘100%’ tested her sobriety.

“It’s not like I miss the act of drinking. I don’t. I never like the taste of it. It’s just for effect,” podcast host of ‘Burke in Games’ specifically tell us Earlier this month. “Of course I have thought about it, especially [when] I am home alone. “

She continued: “I’ve lived in this home for 15 years and I have as many memories as you can imagine. It’s a new, quiet place in my life. Sometimes I love it. [Then] Sometimes it’s really clear to me that I’m watching my thoughts and I’m like, ‘Wow, the peace is quiet.I have Definitely put a lot of new energy into it Trying to make this way like my zen. “

while ballroom dancers Seems to want to speed up their divorce process In her new motion, Brotherhood actor His response to her petition has not been revealed.

Cheryl Burke reveals she had couples therapy with Matthew Lawrence before divorce: 'We did try'

Matthew Lawrence and Cheryl Burke. Scott Kirkland/Photo Group/MEGA

“So far, I’ve seen some collaboration [from Matthew],” Schoen noted. “I haven’t seen his disclosure; it’s a court order. He hasn’t done so yet. Not entirely outrageous, as this is still a new case. “

She added: “It’s too early. It’s just someone trying to [press] Fast-forward button, faster than the court will most likely allow. You have to give both sides a chance to have a say – you can’t try to speed things up. Everyone has the right to due process. …they might get a date in 2-3 months, but by then I think things will change a bit more and I don’t think the case will ever go to trial. As mentioned, this is not a three-day trial. Not enough meat. “

Reporting by Diana Cooper

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