Can we get the Kardashians some big shorts and a sweater? – Irish Times

I’ve been to many weddings and my day has been ruined by the bride’s decision not to show the straps. It only takes her hoof once and lifts it over her chest and I’m done, worried about her discomfort. Won’t she wear a belt? Why would she choose something that needs constant adjustment? Did she really give Melanie in “Beauty and the Bride” three grand gifts to torture her with a corset?

I had a similar feeling when I watched the Kardashians on TV. The Real Royal Family’s No. 1 family entered their 21st season on TV with a fresh look and a new name – they’ve given up on “Keeping Up,” and now they’re just “The Kardashians.” The show’s key figure, Kim Kardashian, was recently quoted as saying she’d wear diapers if it meant reaching peak fashion. She appeared in a series of garments that apparently lacked built-in flaps. She appeared at the Balenciaga runway with thick duct tape from her neck to her big toe, and one can only assume she had put on a tight little Ms. Turner before she was “dressed.”

more sterile

Since Keeping Up With the Kardashians premiered in 2007, Kim’s style has changed dramatically along with her family wealth, circumstances and appearance. We’ve seen Kim, her mother Chris and sisters Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie move through their strip-pole bedroom days into the era of constantly eating giant salads. Their home became bigger and barren, faces and bodies changed, and the only thing left was those woefully uneaten jars of cookies in the kitchen.

Fashion choices are often meandering and bizarre. Kim’s style was heavily influenced by her ex-husband Kanye West during their marriage, and her sisters and mother were influenced by West to some extent. I always feel how uncomfortable they look. Always tighten and cut, and fight crazy necklines or ridiculous shoes, shredding on the cliffs of praise and ridicule.

In 2012, Kim was thrown into heaven while pregnant with her first child in a fitted floral dress to the Met Gala, New York’s infamous fashion event. I remember thinking the dress was a little stretchy and she looked so comfortable, but the couch comparison was relentless and she said she cried all the way home when she got home. Her Met outfits have since included a very uncomfortable-looking dress that looked soaked wet, and a black pantyhose that covered everything including her face. I almost thought she would open her hands to reveal where the palms were, Pan’s labyrinth style.

As a writer with a responsibility to promote my work, the public-facing aspects of my work are the most difficult

She’s determined to push the boundaries of any fashion, damn comfort. For the 2022 Met, she controversially wore the dress Marilyn Monroe wore to sing Happy Birthday to JFK, and irresponsibly dieted to not fully fit in with it. It didn’t close that night and she had to cover her ass with a fur shawl. This is not how to survive on the red carpet!

Even when the Kardashians are filming at home, they dress casually and exude awkwardness. They’re constantly smoothing their hair, rearranging their bodies, and keeping their faces in shape, like when people put on a lot of makeup, as if their cheeks would split. If they’re wearing $10,000 tracksuits, you know there’s shapewear underneath.

shapewear company

Kim actually owns the very successful shapewear company Skims, which is said to be very comfortable. Kim often opts for a full-length bodysuit with boots already tied, reminiscent of a horseshoe for some reason. When I saw her get up, I felt more and more panic. The only sister who can create convincing comfort is Kendall, a veritable supermodel who looks heavenly in a pair of leggings and a sweatshirt (though I’ve seen pictures of her in underwear and a swimsuit) , which makes me worry about her pH balance).

Middle-aged Khloe Kardashian has been on TV since her early 20s, and unfortunately, her body image struggles are well documented. Her appearance has changed dramatically over the years, and she is constantly criticized. I longed to shave her hair into a bun, give her a pair of huge shorts and a sweater, and let her binge on the couch watching her own show, in a kind of cruel vicious circle.

constant review

As a writer with a responsibility to promote my work, the public-facing aspects of my work are the most difficult. I hate being seen, evaluated, discussed, and even though the feedback I get is overwhelmingly positive, I let my mind camp on the negative jabs I’ve created for myself. Constantly being censored must be an absolute hell.

Of course, I am also part of the problem. I’ve watched every episode, and in a tense hostage situation, I could easily name every grandson in the Kardashian movie universe. As long as they keep making them — kids and episodes — I’ll keep watching them, always worrying about the heat inside Kim’s ridiculously huge down jacket, and to be fair, I’ll take over a strapless bride any day.