Britain’s Got Talent semi-final in chaos, children in tears

A UK’s Got Talent semi-final has been thrown into chaos – after tearful kids were turned away because they were oversubscribed.

Bosses who work for ticketing company ApplauseStore deliberately over-allocated tickets to prevent mass dropouts so viewers wouldn’t see a flood of empty seats on screens at home.

BGT's semi-final in turmoil after crying child turned away due to oversubscription


BGT’s semi-final in turmoil after crying child turned away due to oversubscriptionCredit: ITV

But due to week-long semifinals During the holiday, more people came than before, and the children burst into tears.

A source said: “There have been numerous advertisements and emails urging people to sign up for the BGT live show in the semi-finals.

“A lot of parents apparently had the same idea and signed up for the day trip to London.

“But a lot of people were disappointed and it was a complete mess.

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“Some people have been down there since 6am, hoping to catch a glimpse of their favourite show, but are frustrated when they’re told the show is full.”

terms and Conditions free tickets In the fine print, it’s “sadly” that the organizers can’t guarantee that everyone who shows up will be able to attend, but they have to “overpost” due to potential absences.

Turns out they said it was first come, first served in order to get a full venue.

But one disappointed viewer told The Sun: “It’s a family show.

“But the system is a bunch of crap. You don’t over-sell for shows or movie screenings, so why bother with TV shows?

“Many excited parents have been planning a few days of outings for their children, only to be very disappointed.

“It was a mess and a lot of kids were crying.”

A spokesperson for ApplauseStore said: “In accordance with standard practice, tickets are over-allocated in response to people failing to attend free events.

“Ticket numbers are carefully considered and we’ve made it very clear that ticket holders are not always guaranteed access.

“It’s very rare for an audience to be disappointed and we were delighted to be able to accommodate over 2,700 people last night.”

Nadia feels hot

Nadia Hussain Zeng revealed that the pressure to pursue “perfection” kept her up at night.

She became a huge role model after winning Bake Off in 2015, but she said it was “heavy”.

Nadiya Hussain reveals pressure to be 'perfect' keeps her up at night


Nadiya Hussain reveals pressure to be ‘perfect’ keeps her up at nightCredit: Courtesy of Good Housekeeping UK/Dan Kennedy
Nadia appears on Good Housekeeping in July


Nadia appears on Good Housekeeping in JulyCredit: Courtesy of Good Housekeeping UK/Dan Kennedy
Paul Hollywood:


Paul Hollywood: “Sometimes, when I can’t sleep, I try to remember all the baking contest winners”Credit: Channel 4

in an interview July 2022 issue of Good Housekeepingcame out today, Nadia Said, “I wouldn’t say I took it in stride, it was really easy because it was tough. Everyone wants to see the perfect you in every community, and I’m definitely not perfect.”

If she wants advice on how to relax, she might want to ask her TV mentor Paul Hollywood.

“Sometimes, when I can’t sleep, I try to remember all the Bake Off winners. I read them all in my head,” he said on The Travel Diaries podcast.

I’m sure you haunt some of their dreams too, Paul.

Big 40

The old adage will lead you to believe that when you’re 40, everything goes downhill.

But yesterday’s TV presenter Stephen McGovern That turned out not to be the case when her showbiz friends broke into her show to celebrate.

Former BBC Breakfast colleague Louise Minchin takes on the final installment of Stephen’s Packed Lunches on Channel 4 to document her friend’s life and times.

An emotional Stephen said: “I wouldn’t be who I am without the people around me…I’m nothing special, I’m just a product of everyone around me.”

It turned out that celebrity friends also wished her a good day.

Dawn French said: “I want to thank you for throwing my pants on me years ago and for building the friendship we have, which I love.

Anyway, today is your 60th birthday and you look great, boy! “

Kerry Katona added: “You’re an amazing inspiration, you’re kind of like me, really…awesome.”

DJ Chris Evans asks birthday girl: “Do you remember when you liked my wife more than I did?”

Stephen, it looks like you don’t need to be 40 to be naughty!

memoir stumbles on dolly

Her memoir “Everything I Know About Love” chronicles the most frightening events of her past — but Dolly Alderton Saying it’s not like seeing them on screen repeat.

BBC’s ‘Inspiration’ TV adaptation of Dolly’s Adventures sees The Witcher’s Emma Appleton Play Maggie in a scene full of drugs, nudity, and raucous parties.

Dolly Alderton: 'It's bewildering when I'm at Maggie's childhood home'


Dolly Alderton: ‘It’s bewildering when I’m at Maggie’s childhood home’Credit: Getty

But Dolly said: “When I was in Maggie’s childhood home and I cut out a picture of Will Young and put it on the wall, I was psychedelic.

“When the most embarrassing thing that happened in my romantic life was replayed.

“It’s bewildering to put worn-out pants on the radiator in a very specific way.”

Travel is not what I was back then

Watch the series on BBC One from June 7 at 10.45pm, or watch every episode on BBC One BBC iPlayer.

laura is a club singer

LOVE Island cuties aren’t usually known for their voices, so it’s no surprise Laura Anderson She needs a little help on her next adventure.

The former flight attendant has contacted pop star boyfriend Dane Powers in preparation for her return to the ITV2 Celebrity Karaoke Club on Monday.

Dane Powers and Laura Anderson


Dane Powers and Laura AndersonCredit: Alamy

She said: “My singing is a solid four.

“Then I did some practice at home and started picking songs.

“Dane overheard and said I was fine. He said I should take it and be confident.

“I was thinking about the X Factor and Simon Cowell – he always said it came down to a good song choice.”

Uh. . . I think talent might help too, Laura.

waving their staff

BOB MORTIMER and Paul Whitehouse are returning for the fifth series of Gone Fishing.

The duo also has a new partner – a hound named Ted.

The duo will be wielding their sticks all over the UK, but if you can’t wait until it airs later this year, you can catch all four series on BBC iPlayer.