Bridgetown’s Simone Ashley denies Sky Sports interview at Grand Prix

Martin was politely snubbed Simone (Image: Sky Sports F1/PA)

sky sports Presenter Martin Blundell was rejected after being rejected with bridgeton Actress Simone Ashley.

The awkward moment happened at the Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday afternoon, with Simone in attendance Euphoria actor jacob elordi joins Other VIPs including Naomi Campbell and Heidi Klum.

However, as Martin discovered while trying to approach the actress for a chat, Simone wasn’t in the spotlight after all.

The sports presenter spotted the actress, who played Kate in the second season of the Netflix period drama Bridgetown, during the typical plaid walk in Formula 1.

“Is this Simone?” Martin asked during the live broadcast.

Simone half-turned to reply with a quiet “hello,” before her team members stepped in to inform the host: “She doesn’t want to do any TV.”

A shocked Martin quipped: “She doesn’t want to do any TV? Well, we’re halfway there.

He added: “It’s great to see her on the grid. I’m not going to push, but I want to chat with you.

Martin made another unsuccessful attempt, then said sarcastically as he walked away, “It’s okay, whatever.”

The incident sparked mixed reactions, with some supporting Simone’s choice not to be interviewed and others calling it “rude”.

Martin spotted Simone at the start and wanted to chat but was blocked by one of her team members (Image: Sky Sports F1)
Simone with Euphoria star Jacob Elordi (Image: XPB Images/PA Images)
The actress happily posed for a photo with team leader Christian Horner (Image: Getty Images)

One tweet supported the actress: “Simona Ashley doesn’t want to be interviewed. Simple. Jacob Elordi was there and didn’t want to be interviewed, what’s the fuss about? Misogyny The best. No one should be forced to give an interview just because they are “on an F1 track”.

Another agreed: “Simona Ashley smiles at Martin Blundell, her agent refuses to be interviewed, Martin cheekily asks for interview because ‘it’s half done’. Then Twitter explodes, calling her” Qualified, spoiled, ab***h, no one”…but it’s the same people who preach mental health awareness.

Another said: “People are angry that Simone Ashley didn’t do an interview on the grid in Monaco? Celebrities on the grid sometimes refuse interviews as long as I’ve been watching the sport. She was not authorized to be interviewed there, nor was any other celebrity in F1 authorized to be interviewed.

However, others criticised the actress with a post: “#SimoneAshley rejected Martin Brundle so rudely. Don’t visit the F1 grid if you don’t want to be interviewed.

One person said: “It’s totally not cool that Bridgetton peeps to snub a legend like @MBrundleF1. Expect better manners from Simone Ashley. I mean come on @netflix That said, the road to survival is equally important.

Several others pointed to other stars who have declined interviews with Martin in the past, including Serena Williams and Megan West Stallion.

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