Bold and beautiful: Quinn refuses to reunite Carter with Paris, Finn’s eyes move

In Lee’s room, Finn remains connected to the machine, unconscious. Lee still can’t believe what his biological mother did to him. “Shoot you and make you wait.” She stroked his head. “You shouldn’t be in that alley, you shouldn’t take that kind of risk.” But she couldn’t let that be his end. She recalled that he was still alive and that she was the only one who knew.
Likan Finn Homestay

At Cliff House, Steffy reminds her parents that she and Finn were once a team, now it’s just her. They assured her that she was not alone. Taylor urged her to spend some time away from the children. Steffy felt something was wrong. Ridge was on Taylor’s side. They don’t want to let her go, but that might be just what she needs right now.

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At the health club, Donna lets Eric know she wants to do it forever. But she understood he had more risks – he was married. She asked him to be honest with her. “Don’t you want to meet again?”
Donna Eric Hand in Hand

At the Forrester design office, Quinn was upset that Carter wanted to approach Paris again. Carter doesn’t think it’s the worst thing that could happen. Quinn exclaimed, “Stop! Carter, no! You can’t do that!” She reminded him that he was talking about something that could affect the rest of his life. If he opened the door to Paris, she wouldn’t go out. Carter believes there are worse things to do with Paris. “She loves me.” If Quinn loved her too, he would agree. “I’ve never heard you say that.” She begged him not to be reckless. Carter won’t let Paris’s problem with them ruin her marriage to Eric.

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At the health club, Eric assures Donna that he doesn’t want to see her again. She overcame it and breathed a sigh of relief. “I wish you would say that!” Eric let her know how precious their time together was to him, and pulled her into his arms as her tears of happiness flowed.

After so many years, Donna feels so lucky to still have Eric in her life. Eric told her she made him feel so warm and loved. Donna warned him to be careful, because she could get used to this. Eric’s tone: “That’s the bare minimum you deserve.” Donna told Eric that being alone with him was heaven. He likes that she values ​​the simple things. Donna grumbles that when she’s with her little bear, nothing else matters. Eric hates breaking spells, but he has to leave. Donna wished he didn’t have to. “I live for these moments.” She assured him that she wasn’t putting any demands or pressure on him, she just wanted to be with him and make him happy. “That’s it.” Eric replied, “You know. Didn’t even try.”
Donna Eric's Kiss

In the design office, Carter reminds Quinn that he and Paris say “I love you” to each other. Quinn questioned whether he really did it on purpose or just in the moment. Carter insists that there are times when he can’t wait to see Paris. “I could go back there.” Quinn gritted her teeth, “you shouldn’t have to work for this.” She knew he was a very romantic guy who gave up everything to run away with her. “You said no,” Carter recalled. He would be forever alone waiting for them to have to attack him again. He can reconnect with Paris and it’s not hard to make more. Quinn asked if this was what he wanted, or would he do it for her? ! Carter knew how much Eric meant to her, and he wouldn’t see her marriage threatened again. Paris is asking about his feelings for her because he can still care…he will always care.

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In the Cliff House, Taylor thinks Kelly and Hayes will now enjoy a one-on-one with their mom. She urged Steffy to get out of this situation and start a new family. Steffy doesn’t have that anymore. It was destroyed when Sheila took Finn away from them. Steffy never saw her husband again. Tyler can’t imagine how she feels and hates Finn’s absence…but she believes Stephen will find the strength to deal with the situation. Richie chimed in that, in flashbacks, she might not have been able to do it there. If Steffy leaves, she’ll feel like she’s abandoning Finn. She didn’t even have time to say goodbye, now he’s gone forever. Steffy would hate Sheila for the rest of his life. Hayes will grow up without a father. Finn is dead. Richie held her and reminded her that she was going to spend the rest of her life in prison. Steffy recalled that she and Finn should have lived happily ever after, but she had to watch him die. Her parents urged her not to give up on herself and leave with the baby. Steffy decides, “Maybe you’re right. Maybe that’s what we need. Finn is everywhere in this house.” Richie sighed and pulled his daughter back into his arms, “Oh, Finn…”
Steffy Ridge Farewell B&B

In her room, Li started typing on her laptop. In bed, Finn was unconscious, but his eyes moved behind the lids.
Finnish Coma Bed

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In the design studio, Quinn will always care about Carter, and she can’t let him make life-changing decisions because of her. Carter argues that he has been between her and Eric before and now wants them to be happy without any outside interference from Paris. That way she will be happy. Quinn exclaimed, “What about you?!” Carter gritted his teeth and said, “It’s not about me.” Quinn retorted, “It’s about you, of course. You’re stuck in a relationship with a woman you don’t love. I won’t let you put that reason on me!” Carter thinks there are different ways to love. He was tired of sitting courtside watching other couples when he was alone at home. Carter burst into tears. “I want to be a husband in the worst possible way. I want to have a family!” Quinn said he would be a husband. Carter replied, “Yes. Go to Paris.” Quinn got angry. She wouldn’t let him sacrifice his future for her. “Unless you can look me in the eyes and tell me you love Paris with all the passion in your heart.” Then she’ll take it. “So, you tell me. Is Paris really the woman you love?” Carter sighed, “You and I both know the answer.”

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