Bold and beautiful: Carter shocks Quinn, says he will be reunited with Paris

At Forrester Creations, Thomas tells Steffy he’s sorry, and she questions why he’s keeping Sheila a secret. He worried that if he had told her, she and Finn would never have walked down that alley. Steffy wouldn’t put it on him. She comes to the office to try to escape her new reality, but she can’t – Finn is gone. Her husband died and he will never come back.

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In Lee’s room, Finn lay unconscious on the machine.

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In the Forrester design office, Carter watched Quinn work at the door, then walked in and asked if they could talk—about Eric. He knew how loyal she was to her marriage and he wouldn’t let anyone interfere. Quinn assures that she and Eric are fine. Carter was just thinking about what had happened earlier in Paris. He didn’t want it to be a problem, but worried that it might be. They discussed problems in her marriage. Carter wants to help Quinn successfully fix things, and vows he won’t make Paris a problem.
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In their room at the health club, Eric told Donna that he hadn’t felt so good in a long time. He should be there…but there is no other place on this earth that he would rather be. Donna thinks he shouldn’t feel guilty for being happy. What’s the point of coming to this upscale fitness club if he doesn’t feel better than when he came in? Eric chuckled; but Quinn thought he was playing with pickles. Donna mused, “It’s good for you too.” Eric countered that it’s better to spend time with her. When he was with Donna, all his troubles disappeared. “But the truth is, I’m cheating on my wife.” Donna paced to observe, “You still love Quinn.” Eric thinks part of him will always be… He thinks that’s enough when he brings her back. Donna assured him they didn’t have to get involved. “You don’t have to tell me how you feel, Eric, because I can see it.” She just wished she could help him. Eric assures her that she will…every time he sees her. But he didn’t give her enough. He felt that Quinn’s affair with Carter had ruined her marriage in a way he thought was irreparable. “That’s why I keep coming back to you. Over and over again.” Eric held Donna’s face in his hands and looked her in the eyes.
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In the main office, Thomas and Ridge watch as Steffy tries to distract himself with his work. Richie knelt down in front of her and told her that all she needed to do was take care of herself and her family…that’s it. Steffy tried to stay strong and keep working for the kids, but cried, “I can’t do it. I can’t do anything without Finn!”
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Thomas and Rich reminded her that she was not alone. Steffy explained that this is no substitute for what was taken from her. She and Finn are a team. Richie told her she didn’t need to be a rock. Steffy just wanted to get in there and feel normal. Richie repeated, “We’ve got you. Your family got you.” Just then, Tyler walked in. Richie texted her. Steffy complains that everyone treats her like she is. Her husband is gone! Taylor detailed how her daughter will recover from it, though she doesn’t think she will ever. Steffy is very sad and worried about the children. Maybe a different angle would be better, Taylor suggested—perhaps she should take the kids out of town for a while. Steffy was taken aback – was he telling her to run away? Taylor advised her to move toward recovery. Thomas thinks she should use her support system to deal with it. Taylor felt it would help to take a break from painful reminders. Steffy didn’t want to leave those memories. “No, no, I can’t leave. Lee had him cremated. I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye to him.” Tyler hugged Steffi.
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In Lee’s room, she assures her son that he will be himself again. “It’s not the end of your story.” She swore he could do it, and she wouldn’t give up on him. “You will come back to us one day.”

In Forrester’s office, Steffy looks at framed photos from her wedding day, hoping she’ll see him again.

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At the health club, Eric tells Donna that it’s not where she likes to be…it’s with her. “That’s what I like.” Donna grinned. “That’s what I like.” No one had ever made her laugh like he did. She misses it so much. They looked back on how he went through so much. It would be nice to have him by her side. Eric asked Donna, “Are you sure you want to do this? Are you sure you want to do this with me?” Donna insists it doesn’t feel right. She is creating wonderful new memories with the man she loves. “I love you so much, Eric, that will never change.” They kissed passionately. Donna loves Eric very much; she doesn’t want to add more conflict and stress to his life. She loves him and will do everything possible to be with him, but he has to tell her the truth. “Eric, do you want to end this? Tell me.”

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At the Forrester design office, Quinn couldn’t understand how Paris could cause problems in her marriage when she and Carter had done nothing wrong. Carter growled that she knew what happened between them and thought in her mind that it might happen again. He worries that his severing of ties with Paris is the cause of her misconceptions about them. Maybe he should reconsider. Quinn asked, “What are you talking about, Carter? You said you changed your mind? Do you want a relationship with Paris?” Carter mused, “She wants to be with me, Quinn.” He wants a relationship ; he wants to build something with someone. He can have love and family with Paris. “Can’t I?” He was tired of being trapped and needed to move on…with Paris. This commitment will send her a message. “Stop asking me how I feel about you.”

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