Bogan’s timely, popular TV returns a week after the election

Beginning in 1984, Angelyne billboards have been part of Los Angeles’ peculiar terrain: a prominent pink ad that simply conveys her name for a performer’s provocative gesture. Angelyne, a retro blonde bombshell with an L.A. punk sheen, is a quintessential label—she sells herself, not movies or albums. If that makes you think of contemporary brand maintenance, the focus of this limited collection is already clear.

As Emmy Rossum plays (shameless), Angelyne’s best role is her exaggerated version; she’s a star who drives a Corvette and isn’t particularly good at singing or acting.

“Draw me however you want,” Angeline declared straight to the camera. “Most importantly, it’s about survival.” Narrative acquiescence: Each episode sees her through the eyes of an outsider, whether it’s Martin Freeman’s manager or Alex Karpowski’s reporter.

Created by Nancy Oliver (under six feet), the limited series is both a paean to reinventing herself in Los Angeles and an attempt to replicate Angeline’s confusion about her own history. Paradoxical stories coexist, narrative cuts and variations, and the texture of interjections—men try to define Angeline; she wants her billboards to speak. The shows don’t always go together, but the theme is always at the center.

lincoln lawyer

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo plays Mickey Haller in the new adaptation of Michael Connery's crime thriller.

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo plays Mickey Haller in the new adaptation of Michael Connery’s crime thriller.Credit:Netflix

and Bosch Now in the Amazon franchise, crime writer Michael Connery’s other popular Los Angeles character, maverick attorney Mitch Haller, comes to streaming. Created by the recently tearful David E. Kelley, the legal drama stars Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Haller (played by Matthew McConaughey in the 2011 film of the same name), a recovering addict who takes his car See the office and the court system as a means of righting wrongs. Old but captivating, Haller has more heroes than antiheroes, making it an easy-to-see viewing proposition.

night sky

JK Simmons and Sissy Spacek in the night sky.

JK Simmons and Sissy Spacek in the night sky.Credit:Amazon Prime

Is Jeff Bezos interested in inexplicable portals? In April, Amazon released a sci-fi drama outer scopeJosh Brolin’s Ranch Gets The Otherworldly Void, And Now With Their Shapeshifting Story, Sissy Spacek And JK Simmons – Absolutely Ace – Play as a retired couple with a room in their backyard that leads to another planet. night sky It feels like several shows trying to coexist, including a portrait of aging devotion and a conspiracy thriller, but each of them is worth sticking with, and, as clunky as it sounds, there’s an interesting series is being staged.

prehistoric planet
Apple TV+

One of many dinosaurs on a prehistoric planet.

One of many dinosaurs on a prehistoric planet.Credit:Apple TV+

Dinosaurs scared me – every one Jurassic Park Movies are tryouts. So you can take my reluctant praise for this documentary series, overseen by showrunner Jon Favreau’s Big Three (The Mandalorian), produced by the BBC’s Natural History Unit and narrated by Sir David Attenborough, as a resounding endorsement. Matching cinematic digital effects with scientific research, the show delves into the Cretaceous period, which included… many dinosaurs (T-Rex, Mosasaurus, and Carnotaurus have been recorded as some of the featured creatures). Believers will be happy.

Denmark alone (Season 2)
SBS On Demand

A scene from the Danish version of the survival series Solitude.

A scene from the Danish version of the survival series Solitude.Credit:SBS

More battles come from Denmark. Unfolding in the vast wilderness of northern Norway, where nights are decidedly cold, the Danish version of the survival documentary series proves that a great concept transcends language barriers. The English subtitles didn’t take away from our prying fun of the challenges faced by the eight contestants who needed only a few tools and basic gear to last the longest in the wilderness. The hardships and frustrations transcend language, and given that this is a European work, there are also swear words and a hint of nudity.

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