Big Brother host Emma Willis says show ‘takes longer’ to go off air

big brother Former presenter Emma Willis said she needed to enjoy “a little more rest” before returning to television.

she joined this morning The duo of Dermot O’Leary and Alison Hammond caught up today (May 31) as the inevitable topic surfaced.

“Seriously, I don’t know anything about it,” Willis said of the rumours of an ITV reboot before the trio campaigned for a new look.

Big Brother 2018 Eye, Emma Willis

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After suggesting that an “unknown” should present it, Hammond said, “I think it needs a real refresh,” and Willis agreed: “I agree, I think: new age, new master!

“I miss it so much, but I do think it will take longer [off air]. I think, it needs a little more rest. “

O’Leary then asked her what she liked most about the original show, ran for 17 seasons.

“How true that is,” Willis replied. “I think if you go back to when the day dot first started and how it swept through all of us, that would be awesome. If it can do it again, and if it goes back to that state, my I mean, it would be amazing, wouldn’t it?”

Emma Willis this morning


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This is as follows British Voice master’s Comment back in Februarywhen a potential big brother Revival was put before her subway.

“Everyone wants it back!” Willis stressed. “I think it will come back when it’s ready, maybe it’s not ready. If you’re going to do it again, you have to do it really well.

“Hopefully someone is raising a family somewhere and is coming up with an amazing plan, but if they are, I don’t know anything about it!”

this morning It airs on ITV at 10am on weekdays.

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