Axed Coronation Street star Chris Fountain says his acting prospects are ‘bleak’ as he starts talking about struggles with depression

Sacked former Coronation Street star Chris Fontaine has opened up about his battle with depression as he calls his future acting prospects “bleak”.

Chris, 34, who is cut off as the popular tommy duckworth iTV soap Back in 2013, he posted a shocking “rape rap” video on the Mancs On The Mic podcast.

Chris has said his acting prospects are


Chris has said his acting prospects are “bleak” after falling out of favor in 2013Credit: Rex
Chris and his brothers speak on his friend Ryan Thomas' podcast


Chris and his brothers speak on his friend Ryan Thomas’ podcastCredit: Instagram

Talk to his friends and show host Ryan, Adam and Scott Thomas, Chris A candid insight into the struggles he has endured since falling out of public favor.

“I’ve been in some really dark, scary places until I realised I need to start changing the way I think – otherwise I probably wouldn’t be here,” Chris said.

Recalling his downfall, the actor said: “My life, my job, my image, my reputation – everything was taken away. In 24 hours. I haven’t left home for four days.”

He said he realised he was suffering from depression because his head felt like a “swamp”.

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Chris added: “I’ve never been so messed up before. I was going to continue this morning, and then canceled because they didn’t want me there. After a while, I thought, ‘I think I’m going through depression’. “

Although logged in KemelGirlfriend and some regional dramas, Chris says his acting prospects are currently “bleak”.

He explained: “Although I like to say that everything is fine, everything is cool, the job aspect is terrible at the moment.

“Am I not getting a job because of that? [the scandal], or I didn’t get a job because I wasn’t as good an actor as I once thought? I don’t know if I will find that answer. “

But despite his situation, Chris insists he can’t give up on his acting dreams.

“I’m really upset, really pissed off and upset, but now, I kind of stop giving af**k. I can’t do anything else. Just because that happened, I can’t just say that , ‘Yeah, I need to stop being an actor now’. I’ve been an actor since I was ten.”

Speaking of the video that got him cut, he admitted it was a terrible mistake: “I can’t condone anything I said. I’m ashamed of it, I’m embarrassed by it, but I didn’t think at the time,’ Yes, I want to be very vicious to women’. It’s not.

He continued: “I probably have more respect for women than men because the way I was raised and the passion, care and protection that women have shown me has been incredible throughout my life.”

On the personal toll his downfall took on him, he said: “You just sit in that hole and say, ‘Oh my God, I’m so bad. I’m a horrible person. I have nothing to offer anyone .” Those were my darkest moments. “

Chris said family and friends, including his former co-star Ryan and his two brothers, got him through tough times. But he said he still had days when he felt like a “bad” person.

He also suffers from panic attacks, explaining: “All of a sudden things started throwing at me and I couldn’t breathe.”

Chris was able to survive because he “made some money” doing Hollyoaks and “had some money left”, but said he is currently “on the brink of a cliff” with his career.

He added: “Don’t get me wrong, I’m still really worried about my career. I’ve never done anything else. I’ve never done anything else, never.”

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Chris finished second in the 2008 series, narrowly defeated by Suzanne Shaw.

He claims he feels like he’s been “pushed out” of the show’s history.

Chris became famous on Hollyoaks


Chris became famous on HollyoaksCredit: Lime Pictures
He was fired by Corrie in 2013, where he played Tommy Duckworth


He was fired by Corrie in 2013, where he played Tommy DuckworthCredit: ITV