90 Day Fiancé star Deavan Clegg’s 3-year-old son Taeyang has been diagnosed with leukemia and is being treated for cancer in hospital

The 3-year-old son of 90 Day Fiancé stars Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee has been diagnosed with cancer.

Deavan revealed that their son Taeyang was diagnosed on May 25 with B-cell complete lymphocytic leukemia – a type of blood cancer more common in children.

Devin Clegg's son diagnosed with cancer


Devin Clegg’s son diagnosed with cancerImage credit: Instagram/Deavan Clegg


Image credit: Instagram/Deavan Clegg

Diwanpublic relations staff with TMZ.

The 3-year-old has been in hospital since his diagnosis and is expected to remain in the hospital while undergoing chemotherapy and other surgeries.

Deavan was told it would be a 2-year process but had a high success rate within 5 years.

family started GoFundMe pagee and hopes to raise more than $50,000 for his treatment.

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According to the GoFundMe page, Sun made multiple trips to the emergency room before experts found cancer cells.

The fundraiser was created last night and has raised over $800 and counting.

TMZ was told that Deavan tried to contact Jihoon about the diagnosis but has been unable to reach him.

Jihoon kept her and her family from accessing social media and blocked their phone numbers and emails from reaching him.

Divin even tried to contact his father, but couldn’t get through.

Not only did Sun have to deal with his cancer diagnosis, but he also got caught up in the middle of his parents’ divorce.

The reality star told the publication that his father has no rights over his son and has not been contacted since 2020.

Sun just celebrated his third birthday on April 11.

his story

Deavan shared his diagnosis story on the GoFundMe page.

B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia, or b-ALL, “has no established genetic cause and, unfortunately, no known cause for the formation of lymphocytic cancer cells in the bone marrow,” she wrote.

The 90 Day Fiancé star went on to share that before his diagnosis, he enjoyed hanging out with his sister and was looking forward to teaching his new siblings about monster trucks.

Devin is five months pregnant.

Sun likes to play with Hot Wheels and his Mickey Mouse teddy bear.

The 3-year-old started wheezing in early April, looked tired, and started saying “ouch” a lot.

After Deavan took him to the nearest clinic, Taeyang took steroids and was instructed to go to the emergency room if his symptoms worsened.

Symptoms worsened and he was found to be anemic and constipated.

Sun was given iron supplements and sent home again.

Since his symptoms were not getting any better, Deavan took him to a children’s hospital this time.

However, he was given laxatives and was discharged from the hospital.

The sun seemed to get better for five days, but then the respite came back.

He found it difficult to walk and started vomiting.

His mom took him to the emergency room again, and despite taking iron supplements, his red blood cell count remained low.

They were advised to continue taking the supplement and be tested again in a few weeks.

A month later, his blood counts had dropped even more, to dangerously low levels.

At the advice of emergency room staff, Divin took him to see a specialist.

She thought he needed a blood transfusion, but experts told her they had found cancer cells.

receive treatment

After being diagnosed and admitted to the Children’s Hospital, Sun underwent surgery which confirmed he had cancer.

According to GoFundMe, the procedures performed were port line placement, bone marrow biopsy and lumbar puncture.

On May 29, he started chemotherapy.

Sun is expected to make a full recovery and be completely cancer-free within five years.

It’s unclear how long he will stay in the hospital or if he is feeling better.

unfriendly terms

Taeyang’s diagnosis was made days before Deavan and Jihoon legally divorced.

Diwan disclose Everything is final and the drama is finally over.

The first time the ex met was on a dating app, Ji Hoon traveled to the US so they could meet in person.

Their first date turns into a firmer commitment as Deavan ends up pregnant.

This led to them getting engaged and appearing in the spinoff 90 Day Fiancé: Another Way.

The couple split after getting married in season two.

The show looked like the reality TV stars were trying to figure things out, but they eventually parted ways.

Their breakup was partly due to Ji Hoon’s efforts to keep his job and financial difficulties.

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In December 2020, Deavan filed for divorce after accusing Ji Hoon of abuse.

She also has a daughter, Draceila, from another relationship.

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