7 K-Drama second lead with the best chemistry combined

Usually, the main couple will bring you all the feelings and emotions of watching a K-drama. But sometimes we’re pleasantly surprised when we see the second couple exuding great chemistry. By the end of the series, they were almost as good as the main couple! There are quite a few memorable, and here are seven second-leading couples showing the best chemistry.

1. Death in Thunderboltgoblin

Any avid K-drama viewer knows the power and holds Sunny (Yoo In Na) and Grim Reaper (Lee Dong Wook) have their fans.series star Kong You As a 900-year-old goblin named Kim Shin, he has to wait for his bride to live forever. This bride is Chi Eun-tak (Gold Go Eun).

A parallel to this love story is Reaper, who falls in love with Eun-tak’s boss, Sonny, who owns a fried chicken shop. To say their chemistry is perfect is an understatement. Fans couldn’t help but love the duo so much that the two stars were dubbed “touch your heart. “

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2. Li Yinghua and Xu Daner in “Let’s Run”

Xiuying Plays the powerful and independent sports club president Xu Daner, who meets Li Yinghua (Contaiwu), an art student. Dan Ah and Oh Mi Joo are friends (Shin Se Kyung), despite their very different personalities, they form a strong conflict. The fireworks between Dan Ah and Young Hwa are so obvious that Young Hwa has his heart on his sleeve when he talks about his feelings for Dan Ah. The two fell deeply in love with each other while admiring the artworks created by Ying Hua and connecting emotionally. It’s an artistic and beautiful romance.

3. Yin Mingzhu and Xu Daying in “descendants of the sun

In this classic Korean drama, Kim Ji-won as Yoon Myung Joo and Zhenjiu Plays Seo Dae-young. They are both soldiers of the army, and Mingzhu is a surgeon exclusively. From the beginning of the series, the two have fallen in love with each other but parted ways, each dealing with the pressure of different social backgrounds. The love and interaction between the two is heartbreaking at times, but also endearing. The constant struggle between heart and logic is what really attracts the audience. You really can’t help but for the two of them to finally come together!

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4. Cha Sung-hoon and Kim Young-seo in “Business Proposal”

While it’s almost impossible to live up to their lovely and fiery chemistry Ahn Hyo Sub and Kim Sejeong, the second couple in A Business Proposal is doing well.and Kim Min-kyu As Cha Sung Hoon shen ah As Jin Young Seo, how can each of us forget the hot kiss scene where we lose our glasses?

Yes, this one:

The second couple in the series was a global hit as fans couldn’t help but love the intensity with which their relationship blossomed. It’s mature, dynamic, and has the perfect passion to engage the audience in their storyline. Throughout the series, there are many times you can’t wait to see their scenes!

5. Yoo Chang-soo in “Lee Ji-yi”Upper class

The second couple in “High Society” absolutely trumps the main couple in many ways – chemistry is one of them.Played by Li Zhiyi Lin Zhiyan, is a poor girl who is very realistic about the world and relationships she lives in. So when Yoo Chang-soo, the CEO of her company (Park Hyung-sik), into her world and falling in love with her, she knew it was bad news. Seeing Jang Soo and his desire to be with Ji Yi is so fascinating, it definitely brings another layer of depth to the series. Also showing Park Hyung Sik’s strength as an actor, there are several very touching scenes where his character sheds tears for Lee Ji Yi’s love!

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6. Cha Hyun and Seol Ji Hwan in “Search: World Wide Web

“Search: WWW” star Zhang Jiyong and Lin Xiuzhen in a Nuna Romance, against the high-paced and intense backdrop of Portal Company. The female lead in the play has a fierce competition, but Bae Da Mi (Lim Soo Jung) can compete with Cha Hyun (Lim Soo Jung).Lee Da Hee). When Cha Hyun meets and falls in love with Seol Ji Hwan (Lee Jae Wook), fireworks are evident. The anticipation of the budding romance between the two, and the steamy kiss at the end, exceeded anyone’s expectations.

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7. “Crash Landing On You”

No one can forget the love and chemistry between them Hyun Bin and Zhang Yizhen In “Crash Landing On You”, but the second couple, by Xu Zhihui and Kim Jung-hyun, also very memorable. Goo Seung-joon (played by Kim Jung-hyun) loves Seo Dan (played by Seo Ji-hye) and is unique in his innocence and innocence. Their love story is heartbreakingly beautiful, and while it must have been difficult to keep pace with Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, the duo’s performance was incredible.

Hey Soompiers, is there any other second-tier partner you think has the best chemistry? Let me know in the comments below!

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