6 foods proven to slow the aging process at any age – eat this not that, says dietitian

as your digital age climb the ladderyou want to do anything to keep your Spirit, decreased emotional and physical age. While you’re technically getting older, there are ways to help your body slow the aging process so you don’t feel like you’re getting older. Age is just a number, as they say!

This can include a variety of activities ranging from daily exercise change your Habitadd different food into your diet.If you’re looking to incorporate some age-reducing foods into your routine, check out some of our pros medical expert committee must say.Then, check Eating habits age your body by a decade, dietitian says.

a bowl of berries

“Berry is a potent source of antioxidants that scavenge free radicals,” says registered dietitian Sydney Green, RDN. “Free radicals are one of the building blocks of aging and cause problems like sunburn, wrinkles, and dry/dull skin.”

Antioxidants are usuallyAnti-Aging“Superpowers. These molecules and vitamins protect cells from damage caused by free radicals by reacting with them. This prevents free radicals from reacting with other beneficial molecules and cells.

Different berries (and certain foods) contain different types of antioxidants. However, blueberry It is one of the best sources of nutrition.

A bowl of watercress

watercress It’s a mild-tasting, gorgeous-looking vegetable that contains four times more beta carotene than apples and 238% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin K per 100 grams. These compounds make your skin look younger.

“This green vegetable is rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients,” says registered dietitian Amy Shapirolady, R&D“It acts as a skin antiseptic and actually helps increase the flow of minerals from this plant to the skin cells. Basically, this increases oxygen to the skin and prevents aging.”

Shapiro also mentioned that watercress is rich in vitamins A and C, which are powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals. Watercress is also rich in calcium, which also keeps your bones strong as you age.


“Avocados are an incredible source of vitamin E“Vitamin E also acts as an antioxidant, supports skin health and reduces inflammation.”

Vitamin E in avocado Also helps to benefit skin, nails and hair. The fatty acids in avocados help provide the body with the fats and minerals it needs to maintain healthy oil levels.

This fruit is also good for your body disease This can cause your body to age faster. This includes potentially lowering blood pressure, lowering the risk of metabolic syndrome, lowering “bad” (LDL) cholesterol and protecting your heart.

red bell pepper

These vegetables are rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that helps Promote collagen production. It is also rich in antioxidants called carotenoids.

“Carotenoids give peppers their reddish-yellow color and fight inflammation, while also helping to protect the skin from sun damage, pollution, and environmental factors,” says Shapiro.

Bell peppers also work well lose weight And it is widely used. Whether they’re raw or cooked, you can add them to most dishes for extra crunch or flavor.


“These nuts are rich in vitamin E, which helps repair skin damage,” says Shapiro. “Fat helps keep skin moist and resists UV rays that cause external damage.”

Shapiro further explained that almonds are also high in fiber. They can also help prevent heart disease and type 2 diabetes, and promote cognitive function in later life.

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Mediterranean diet

“When thinking about keeping your brain sharp and young, think about the foods in the Mediterranean diet,” says Green. “Research shows that greater adherence to the Mediterranean diet is associated with slower cognitive decline.”

Mediterranean diet linked to stronger diet thinking ability Keep your mind sharp for the rest of your life.Diet is also good for the heart and has been associated with longer lifespan.

Some examples of these Mediterranean foods include nutfish, olives, beansand spices.

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