3 rough horoscopes for June 2022

June brings us high hopes and a chance of disappointment, despite the disappearance of Mercury retrograde on the 3rd and Gemini season is here until the 21st.

While positive and dynamic, the Gemini season is also a time of doubt and indecision; anything that causes us to feel indecisive will happen in the first few weeks of June. Certain signs of the zodiac have a pressure to “get something done” that feels tense and heavy.

We also have Saturn retrograde, which usually brings good luck, but also makes us doubt what is going on in hindsight.

So, let’s say, we’ve had some success in our careers, and while we can admit that’s a good thing, we’re also wondering how long it’s going to last and “what’s the catch?”

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Guessing something positive in hindsight is a very Gemini-oriented way, and it can make many of us feel like we can’t believe a good thing when we see it. As we gain traction in Gemini, what feels solid during the Taurus Sun starts to feel like it’s fading.

While it would be foolish to say that the entire month will be difficult for some signs, it must be known that this month will come with its downfall due to ego, fear and lack of self-confidence.