11 Actors Who Hate the Characters They’ve Played

When asked if he took anything from the last set twilight The film, to which Robert Pattinson responded, “My dignity.”


Penn Badgley has repeatedly expressed how much he dislikes Joe Goldberg you. exist today show, He said of Joe: “He’s a very reprehensible man. You start to find out his real motives very early on – eight minutes into the show. He’s a man capable of stalking, he’s a man capable of murder. Man, he’s a capable man capable of a lot of manipulation and abuse.”

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he still Tell How Vanity Fair disliked Joe even more in the second season of the series. Bagley said: “He always said, ‘If only I could tell you who I really am. He’d never been able to do that before…and then he got it, he’s a complete asshole about it. And then I thought, ‘Joe, I’ve never disliked you more than I do now! I’ve never liked you less.'”

Bagley Feel Joe is “one of the worst,” and for this character, redemption is impossible. Show creator Sera Gamble also shared that Penn checked in with her to make sure Joe wasn’t getting a happy ending.


Allison Williams convey She doesn’t like Marnie Michaels from girls, Say, “If we were friends in real life, Marnie would drive me crazy.”

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Williams statement She dislikes many of Marnie’s romantic options: “Like, it’s crazy to have sex with Elijah, crazy to have sex with Ray, and when Desi mentions his girlfriend is crazy in their first conversation, he lashes out at him.”

a choice mani make What Williams hated most was her decision to sleep with artist Booth Jonathan in season two. Williams said, “As Alison, I’ve always fought for it. I don’t want her to go that way. I think Marnie is better than that, but she’s not, so I have to accept that too.”


Over the years, Robert Pattinson has made it clear how much he despises Edward Cullen and Twilight. Pattison Tell OK! Magazine, “You’re always going to meet weirdos like Edward who seem to be attracted to women for some reason. If Edward wasn’t a fictional character and you met him in reality, he’d be like those who might be an axe One of the murderers or something.”

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he is call out The age gap between Edward and Bella, saying: “What am I (Edward Cullen) doing with this kid? I’m 108 years old.”

when ask If he took anything from the set of the last film, Pattinson replied: “My dignity.”


Katherine Heigl felt Alison Scott in pregnant Write in a way that negatively portrays women.

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she said“It’s a little sexist. It portrays women as shrew, with no sense of humor and tension. Some days I have a hard time. I’m playing with such a bitch; why is she so likable? Why is that? How are you? depicting women?”


Evangeline Lilly said About Kate lost “In the beginning, she was kind of cool. Then, as the show went on, I found her to be more and more predictable and annoying.”

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“I felt like my role went from being autonomous – really owning my own story, my own journey and my own agenda – to chasing men on the island.” She said“It pissed me off.”

Once Kate’s storyline started to focus more on her love triangle with Jack and Sawyer, Lily got mad. “When I read the script, I literally threw it in the room,” she said said“I would be very frustrated because she had less and less autonomy and less and less of her own story.”

In the last few seasons, Lily statement“I want her to be better because she’s a symbol of female power and autonomy, and I think we could have done better.”


Jamie Dornan mentioned to his role as christian grey in the movie fifty shades of grey Say, “I don’t think I’ll ever play a character who isn’t like me.”

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“[He’s] Not the kind of guy I would get along with,” Dornan shared“All of my mates are easygoing and have a quick laugh – I can’t imagine myself sitting in a bar with him. I don’t think he’s going to be my type when it comes to mate selection.”


Blake Lively Tell starring charm gossip Girl It feels like a personal compromise and “you want a better message out there”.

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Lively said“I wouldn’t be proud to be the guy who gave someone a cocaine overdose, then shot someone and slept with someone else’s boyfriend.”


Viola Davis disclose To ‘Vanity Fair,’ How She Regrets Her Abby Lynn Clarke on ‘Vanity Fair’ help. “No one is not help“But part of me feels like I’ve betrayed myself and my people because I’m not ready in a movie [tell the whole truth]. She also said the film was “made in a cesspool of filters and systemic racism.”

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‘I just don’t think it’s the maid’s voice that I hear at the end of the day,’ Davis said“I know Aibileen. I know Minny. They’re my grandmothers. They’re my moms. And I know if the whole premise of making a movie is, I want to know what it’s like to work for white people and” in 1963 Raising children, I want to hear how you really feel. I never heard of it during the movie. “


Sally Field Tell Howard Stern, she doesn’t like playing Aunt May the Amazing Spider-Man Movie.”It’s not my type of movie,” Field said. Sally cast the role as a help to her friend Laura Ziskin, who has cancer and is making her first Amazing Spiderman movie, which will also be her last.

site agree Stern said Aunt May’s purpose in the film was to support Spider-Man from time to time. She admits that she didn’t prepare much for the role because “it’s really hard to find a three-dimensional character in it, you work as much as you can, but you can’t put a 10-pound sh* in a 5-pound sh*t. in the bag.”


Janet McCurdy Express how embarrassed she was to play sam puckett Love Carrie. in her podcast, empty inside, McCurdy said: “My experience with acting is that I’m very ashamed of the parts I’ve done in the past…but I’ve been dissatisfied with my career in many ways. I’m very uncomfortable with the roles I’ve played. Satisfied, think this is the most tacky, embarrassing [experience]…”

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McCurdy Add to“I was on the show I was on from 13 to 21, and by the time I was 15, I was embarrassed. My 15-year-old friends, they didn’t like, ‘Oh cool, you’re on this Nickelodeon show. It’s embarrassing. .”


Finally, Joseph Gordon-Levitt interview Playboy addresses his character Tom Henson’s flaws (500 days of summer Yes. Gordon-Levitt said: (500 days of summer The “he wants you so much” attitude seems attractive to some women and men, especially young people. But I would encourage anyone who likes my character to watch it again and see how selfish he is. “

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Gordon Levitt shared“He developed a mild paranoia about a girl who projected all these fantasies onto her. He thought she would bring meaning to his life because he didn’t care about the rest of his life. A lot of boys And girls think their lives will have meaning if they find a partner who wants nothing but them. That’s unhealthy. That’s the idea of ​​falling in love with someone, not a real person.”