10 Sunday Reading – Big Picture

Avoid your eyes!mine sunday morning Look at incompetence, corruption and policy blunders:

How Influencers Can Hype Crypto Without Disclosing Financial Relationships Logan Paul, Paul Pierce and other celebrities have all promoted risky and obscure digital currencies, sometimes without mentioning their conflicts of interest. (New York Times)

5 facts about guns in America. The country can change the disastrous status quo without violating the Second Amendment. In fact, many of these reforms are very popular. But dozens of Republican senators continued to get in the way. At the same time, the death toll keeps climbing. (Hot news) see also From Sandy Hook to Buffalo: A decade of failed gun control Biden has played a central role in the failure of major gun legislation amid thousands of mass shootings. (Washington post)

Giant Container Ships Are Ruining Everything: We can blame the age of big ships for many supply chain problems (freight wave)

How French Banks Occupied Haiti It helped finance the Eiffel Tower as it siphoned millions out of Haiti. CIC Bank would not talk about it, but The Times tracked how much its investors made — and what Haiti lost. (New York Times) see also Invade Haiti, Wall Street urges.America has an obligation: Haiti’s long occupation began with becoming Citigroup’s bank, decades of diplomatic correspondence and other records show. (New York Times)

Kushner and Mnuchin quickly turn to business with the Gulf Jared Kushner and Steven Mnuchin met prospective investors on an official visit to the Middle East in the weeks before the end of the Trump administration. (New York Times)

Ukraine Destruction: Documenting Russia’s Use of Illegal Weapons Residential cluster bombs, darts and unguided missiles: As prosecutors investigate Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine, our reporters reveal evidence they found on the ground. (protector)

Southern Baptist leaders deal with sex abuse crisis, report says Executives at the nation’s largest Protestant denomination ignored victims, resisted reform and feared avoiding “potential liability,” a third-party investigation said. (New York Times)

The era of extinction is here – and some of us don’t know it yet: We’re crossing the threshold of viability — and there’s no turning back (Odemonia) see also The Destruction of Florida: A Neglected National Tragedy: A race to accelerate the destruction of Florida’s wilderness shows our worth during the climate crisis and looks ahead to our shared future. (current events)

He is a world-renowned cancer researcher.Now he’s collecting unemployment benefits. Behind the downfall of David Sabatini, “one of the greatest scientists” of his generation (common sense)

Stealing the Republican blueprint for the 2024 election The goal is not to cancel the 2020 elections — that’s constitutionally impossible. The more ambitious goal of Trump and Republicans is to successfully execute in 2024 what they failed to execute in 2020 — overturning the 2024 election if Trump or his designated successor fails again. (CNN) see also Clarence and Gene Thomas are telling us how the 2024 coup will fail But another way to look at the texts and emails surrounding the highest echelons of power and influence in the weeks after November 2020 is as warnings and roadmaps already in place for the next presidential campaign. But next time, the lawyers won’t be sweating the brown makeup or citing the lunatic theory of Italian election meddling. (slate)

Be sure to check out our Master of Business next week with Adam Parkerfounder ternary study. He was head of research at Sanford C. Bernstein and was a No. 1 semi-analyst before becoming Chief U.S. Equity Strategist and Director of Global Quantitative Research at Morgan Stanley. As a member of the MS Global Investment Council, he helped oversee $2 trillion in private wealth.

2021 is another record year for US internet crime victims and dollar losses

resource: Statista

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